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Taco Mundo in Fort Worth is Closed. Again.

A loyal Disher reports, sadly, that Caroline Galvan-Rodriguez has closed Taco Mundo in Fort Worth. Location, location, location? Probably. All reports of the food were excellent. I called Rodriguez’s Carrollton spot, Carolina’s Mexican Cuisine,  but the number is also disconnected.

I wish Caroline Galvan-Rodriguez had opened only one restaurant instead of trying to do three (four?) at one time. She obviously has talent and ginormous huevos, but she bit off more than she could chew.

9 comments on “Taco Mundo in Fort Worth is Closed. Again.

  1. “ginormous huevos”??

    What does the fact that Ms. Galvan-Rodriguez is Jewish have to do with her restaurant opening capabilities?

    Oh wait…

  2. I can confirm via driving past Carolina’s in Carrollton (or super far north Dallas) last night that the neon “open” sign shining brightly.

  3. Here right now, carolinas at rosemeade and midway. Lol. Hope it’s not closed or me and the other 20 or so people here are in another dimension! only gotten the chips an salsa so far and they are excellent so they aren’t chimping on the food……