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10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. The four meat pie at Nova w/Jimmy’s sausage, hamburger, pepperoni and sopressata – added mushrooms. Yummy!

  2. Lucia last night for the best I have ever had in Dallas. Smoke the night before for another fantastic meal, can’t wait to try brunch.

  3. The Mansion – roasted pheasant was lovely, moist and flavorful. So delish. The butternut squash, lobster and chestnut soup was also fab. So flavorful – that man is a master at making soup. The Meddlesome Moth – amazing roast chicken with cauliflower and brown butter sauce. Wow. Nosh last week, meh.

  4. Ziziki’s for lunch. Last time the potatoes were clearly fried in old grease; this time much better.

    Zoe’s Kitchen for dunch (that’s lunch and dinner @ 3 p.m.) Enjoyed their spinach roll-ups with chicken.

  5. Lunch at Rise. Everything was great, but I am glad I stuck to plan and a terrific salad nicoise and a dessert soufle. The folks that had two soufles could barely work for the rest of the day, and no way am I skipping the dessert. I had the chesnut soufle and it was amazing.

    Dinner at Nova. I had the lamb shank, which was tender and great. I told myself to lighten the meal by not eating the potatoes, but when I tasted the saffron whipped potatoes, I could not stop. I think I licked the plate.

    Dinner at Greek Cafe in Bishop Arts. It’s hard to not like this little place. The owner is always there. She is so nice and tries really hard. The food is nothing extraordinary, but it’s good for the price. I did have the taramosalata (a dip with caviar) for the first time. It was a tasy alternative to the usual hummus. And since it’s BYOB, we took wine and felt that we had nice meal out at a bargain.

  6. Lucia – preview last Friday evening!! WOW!! I cant wait to go back, David and Kevin rock in the kitchen, and Jennifer makes it feel like home.

  7. Eno’s on Friday night. I could eat myself sick on their linguine with meatball, fresh shreds of basil, shredded parm, and little dollops of ricotta. Total comfort food. Service at the bar was fantastic–very attentive. Service at the table was passable but not great. Nonetheless, we’ll be back soon.

    Lucia on Saturday night. Jennifer is so charming and gracious! Our waitress was attentive yet unobtrusive. The restaurant is very cozy. Awesome: salumi misti; crispy lamp meatballs (use some of that tasty housemade bread to mop up the sauce); gnocchi with caramelized cabbage, taleggio and spec; oyster risotto with parsley; and the chocolate budino with salted caramel and orange cream. The quail al mattone was infused with a wonderful flavor, but we thought the accompanying polenta was a little underseasoned. Slow roasted pork belly with corona beans and broccoli raab was nice, but between that and the quail, I’d go for the quail. The crowd was interesting–mostly older, but I imagine it will diversify a bit as word gets out. A gentleman who might have walked out of Alice in Wonderland spiced it up a bit–white tie but with what appeared to be black leather pants and a white crushed velvet top hat. Oh, and sunglasses, which he kept on during the entirety of his stay. It was amusing watching some of the older patrons just outright stare. Overall, Lucia was fantastic, and we’re looking forward to going back.

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