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Marc Cassel Leaves Park Restaurant in Dallas

Teresa “Gumshoe” Gubbins is reporting chef Marc Cassel is leaving Park Restaurant on Henderson. His replacement will be Garreth Dickey, a chef who, like Cassel, worked at the Green Room. Sounds like owner Donald Chick wanted to make some changes—they are announcing a new menu in a few weeks–that Marc didn’t either want to make or his talent was too expensive to make. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of As the Chef Turns.

8 comments on “Marc Cassel Leaves Park Restaurant in Dallas

  1. Cassel is swell and all, but Garreth is, in my humble opinion, Dallas’ greatest unsung chef.

    I think he hates the spotlight and he does zero self promoting (so you might not know him), but that dude can cook some serious grub.

    Park: upgrade!

  2. Aw. Bummer. I wonder if they are going to make their menu more upscale or downscale (is that a word?) It already ahs burgers and sandwiches, so I bet it’s upscale. I can’t believe Chick would let a talent like Cassel get away. He is going to have some angry patrons (who probably won’t set foot in there again).

  3. Dallas is a vibrant town for food and this change is one small example of the fact that it doesn’t sit still (in spite of what some critics have said elsewhere. Whether it was Cassel’s food or not, people had already stopped setting foot in there, and it is time for a change. Sincere best of luck to Cassel in the future, and best wishes to both Garreth and Chick for success with the change.

  4. Agreed!! Major upgrade for Park. Congrats to Donald Chick for making such a smart move. Looking forward to seeing the new menu.

  5. Marc come cook food for us non-douchebaggers in East Dallas. Stay off of Henderson and away from uptown.

    Maybe Hage will let you use her space!!!!!!

  6. Last few times I ate at Park it was terrible… My chicken was so salty that I couldn’t even eat it and the rest of the meal was below average. This place started off so strong, but the last time I was there on a Friday night there were plenty of tables to be had. Change is probably good here!

  7. Enter Garreth. His menu is going to be phenomenal. He’s a semi unknown chef at this point with a ton of talent. This is a great move. Congrats Park.