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A Second NAAN Opens Its Doors

We have some smart interns here at D. If you don’t believe me, check out the Japanese Meredith Stein uses in the following recap. (Photos by Meredith Stein)

The Flaming Onion Volcano

Where the Geisha House once stood (on Cedar Springs at Gables in Uptown), NAAN’s second location has opened its doors in its place, along with the new sports bar, Orange. The official grand opening for the Japanese eatery is next Monday, but I scored a preview last night. And let me tell you—とてもおいしかったです(oishi-katta-desu, meaning it was very tasty).  The new location houses the restaurant’s first hibachi grill, a must-try. Our chef was cute-as-a-button as he flung his utensils around in showman’s style, cooking up a tasty beef number. It was my favorite dish. I also tried their volcano roll, which seemed to melt in my mouth. And the head bartender was pretty much a rock star, as his martini concoctions were right on. Though service was a bit on the slow side initially, the geniality of the staff made up for the waiting time.

Orange Bar

“We’ve got the atmosphere for any kind of person,” says GM Evan McLellan. And he’s absolutely right. The vibe is different from the original NAAN in the Shops at Legacy. This spot’s a little more laid-back, while still maintaining that upscale climate. It’s definitely a family-friendly locale, and the hibachi room is meant to be enjoyed. A few steps down the hall is Orange, the restaurant’s “sociable sister,” so to speak. The sports bar is full of HD televisions (“we do the UFC fights here”), there are game machines, and a juke box. Oh, and a gleaming centerpiece of booze bottles within the bar.

Volcano rolls, martinis, and edamame

The new restaurant is attempting to cater toward the college crowd. There’s a separate menu consisting entirely of university-named rolls, and college sports team memorabilia is strewn throughout the bar. (There was supposedly an SMU party going down later that night, so I guess it’s working for them.)

Count on karaoke nights every Thursday and Friday after 10 PM., happy hour from 3-7PM every day, and an all-day sushi happy hour on Sundays. かんぱい (kanpai: cheers!)

Rice heart

19 comments on “A Second NAAN Opens Its Doors

  1. It’s really NAAN’s third location though, after failing at Watters Creek. Sounds like more of the same…maybe a sports bar is enough to keep it going. Sounds a lot like Chaucer’s-South.

  2. NAAN’s location in Watters Creek was opened and operated under a different owner – unrelated to the Legacy or Uptown location.

    The sushi is some of the best in town, and anything but “more of the same”.

    Try the Super Tataki, Ahi Tuna Tower, and any special that Chef Tam Huynh is preparing!

  3. Catering to the college crowd? Good luck with that. I’ll stay away. And a sports bar? No thanks.

    That location is goofy too. Geisha House failed miserably there. It’s off the beaten path.

    FYI, the original NAAN in Legacy was sold a couple of years ago. The failed Watters Creek branch was actually opened by the original owner after the sale.

  4. can’t wait to open grand opening uptown because i am regular NAAN PLANO,we just LOVED it, NAAN SUSHI is Absolutely the best sushi I had in DFW area. Very fresh and very delicious fish. totally agreed with what “D” said.

  5. NAAN SUSHI Uptown is a great, welcome addition for Uptown- the presentation is delicious/vibe is very good/interesting crowd.

  6. There are a lot of Japanese Restaurants in Uptown and I’ve had the pleasure of eating at almost all of them. NAAN is a great addition to the Uptown Market and are a force to be recon with!

  7. As a resident, I was lucky enough to get invited to one of there soft opening dinners and was quite impressed. It has a very different sense of positive Energy from Geisha days. The sushi was fresh and delicious and although a bit unorganzied, the staff was friendly and helpful. Good luck NAAN, we need reasonably priced sushi in Uptown.

  8. Frst of all, totally different ownership!!!!!

    Sasha Kim sold “MK” (Owner of JAXX STEAK HOUSE ADDISON/ FINE DINNING RESTAURANT since 1992, years ago.
    MK upgraded
    sushi quality and service,changed NAME” from NAAN to NAAN SUSHI(upscale japanese
    ” same fish supply company “NOBU”, fresh fish and creative premium roll made”.
    NAAN SUSHI is best sushi in town.

  9. Sasha Kim opend, failed, closed ALLEN NAAN at Watters Creek.MK opened NAAN SUSHI PLANO& UPTOWN, THIS IS A SECOND LOCATION FOR MK.

  10. Naan has everything a person could want in a sushi restaurant. A beautiful building, fun waiting area, great waitstaff and most importantly, phenomenal sushi! Naan’s rolls are some of the best I’ve ever had. Make sure and try their ceviche and the tataki – especially if you like things spicy! So excited for this new addition to the neighborhood!

  11. I’ll echo what most have said here – this is, without question,the freshest fish that I’ve eaten at a sushi restaurant EVER! The restaurant decor is lovely not at all kitchy like so many Asian themed businesses. Easy parking w/ valet if you so desire. Menu is creative and so many delicious rolls at a great price. Happy hour menu in the afternoon and late night – most choices are $4-5. We had lunch with a “chef’s choice” platter which was $75 but fed 6 people. Staff is friendly and professional. Great energy and tasty eating in a great location!

  12. @ Me – How exactly is across the street from Mattito’s and The Place at Perry’s “off the beaten path?”

  13. The website and menu say “Upscale Japanese Restaurant” yet their staff dresses in mini-skirts with fishnet hose, tattoos and piercings, not what we expected. The food was very good but the loud music blaring from the Orange Bar was distracting. The Orange Bar calls itself a sports bar and has lots of tv’s but the loud hip-hop music tells me something different. This place needs to decide what it wants to be, Nobu, Bluefish or Lemmon Bar.

  14. Totally agree with Johnny. The food was delicious; we’ll be back for the sushi but will stay away from Orange Bar. Thumping nightclub music in a “sports bar” at 1:30 in the afternoon was bizarre and annoying.

  15. Amazing sushi. OMG.

    I love this freaking place The sushi and sashimi is out of control. Go here if you can stomach the bill.
    Probably the best in the city.

    The fish is incredibly fresh. Go for the chef’s selection.
    The wait staff is very professional and attentive.
    Clean, simple decor. Loved NAAN SUSHI.

  16. very fresh Sushi here!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friends and coworkers told me to go Naan sushi new place in uptown because they visited and had Naan sushi soft opening menu, A great compliments for them. I finally did last night.
    my boyfriend and i were in love with every piece of sushi. had Ahi tuna tower, Volcano, Super Tataki and SMU roll..

    OMG,OMG!!! Amazing Sushi and sashimi.
    very fresh and delicious,tasty, tasty!!!

    the price with quality is very reasonable. around $4 for sushi roll in happy hour is great.


  17. Good Sushi places.

    My wife and i used to go NAAN Plano a lot. one of favorite sushi places for us. We thought we need to go and check it out for new place uptown.


    The foood was superb..the seabass melted in my mouth. Fun,fine and beautiful decor. Great spot.

    The best and freshest sushi I’ve had like Plano. You could tell fresh fish was prepared very well. check it out here.

    Decor: 10
    Service: 8

    *ratings out of 10

  18. Large portions, high quality sushi (as far as my poor knowledge of good sushi knows, which is my tongue), and very fair prices.

    I had no complaints.