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Bongo’s Latin Grill is Closed

My last delivery from Bongo's. Sniff.

I like Steven Doyle, but yesterday he ruined my world. Bongo’s Latin Grill is a funky dive on Northwest Highway across from Bachman Lake. The floor is covered with sand, there is a old boat in the middle of the space, and the friendly waitresses are dressed in red hot pants and skimpy shirts. The tacos are great, the margaritas are huge, and the spontaneous karaoke parties make you feel you are sitting in a seaside dive on the coast of Mexico. And I lived around the corner and they delivered food AND beer. Anywhoo, I wrote a review of the place for the February issue and sent a photographer to capture the essence of this spunky spot. But Doyle, also a fan, e-mailed me last night to tell me the place closed last Friday. I am crushed. My nieces are crying. I hate it when that happens.

4 comments on “Bongo’s Latin Grill is Closed

  1. And it happened overnight, seriously. We live very close, and it’s my place to call when I need Mexican food but don’t want to get out of my pajamas, because the deliver. We drove past Sunday morning and at first we couldn’t tell if a truck actually hit the place, or if they were dismantling. A few hours later we drove past again, and the kitchen was in the parking lot.

    I kind of got a hint something might be wrong, though, a week before. Usually, I’d call and get a really perky, English-speaking hostess or waitress on the phone, who would take my order pretty freakin’ efficiently. That day, though, whoever picked up said, “Bongos.” I began to say I needed an order for pick up, and rattled it off. Silence. Then, “No English.” No handoff to someone who did, or anything. Just, “No English.”

    But yeah, I’ve been sad.

  2. They told me that they will be moving. There’s going to be a Wal-Mart or some giant shopping center that bought them out that will be using that land and other land around it and clear everything out.

  3. Doesn’t that crazy Irish bartender guy Sean, who was formerly at Trinity Hall in Mockingbird station the owner? That guy was a hoot.

  4. I love this place! We go all the time. And order in. I heard a Sams is going in. Maybe the Bongos people can sell their tacos in front. I always want to have my cake and it it too.