As if Educator Salaries Weren’t Bad Enough…

My husband has been in education for almost 30 years. He’s done his time in inner-city schools for below-the-cost-of-living pay, he’s taught 10 classes a day from a cart with 5 minute breaks and 15 minutes for lunch. He’s broken up fights, been called names, and had his heart broken on more occasions than I can count.

But he’s a teacher, an educator. That’s what he signed up for; that’s what he expected.

What he didn’t expect was to be denied the 20 percent educator discount at Cafe Brazil yesterday when we stopped in for a celebratory brunch after the marathon. Apparently, a school business card with his name and title on it (yes, he has those because he’s a department director now) and a drivers license proving he really is who he said he is, just wasn’t proof enough for him to receive that $2 off our bill. Had he been wearing his school lanyard (which, thankfully, he leaves at home on the weekends) he would have qualified.

Really? Really?

Our waitress said it’s because the manager “runs a tight ship.” If that’s the case, I don’t think those are the kind of people I want to go sailing with.

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  1. How odd… I would think a business card would certainly qualify as identification, unless they think someone’s going to fake business cards that I.D. them as one the holder of one of the country’s most underpaid and underthanked jobs.


  2. I wouldn’t want to go sailing with that manager either.. and I say a huge Shout-out to all the teacher that are underpaid for what we expect of them… We want our children to come out of school the brightest and best and we don’t want to spend what we should to get and keep good teachers. I have always said that Teacher, Firemen and Policemen should be the highest paid in the world..and I still say that and I am none of the list..

    I see this column was filed under Rants.. so I felt I could.. have a great day Sara and shame on Cafe Brazil and any others that don’t use common sense… sometime you just have to say , Of course that’s you.. I see your card and you photo. Yikes.

  3. This is nuts! I ran the marathon yesterday too – you would think the owner would give you $2 off just for running the marathon. My guess this was wait staff who was unwilling to rework the bill. I can’t imagine a manager would run a ship
    so tight as to deny a small perk to someone who has dedicated his life to education. Pls thank ur husband for his hard work.

  4. I think all educators should stand in solidarity by refusing to accept any “educator discount” in the future.

  5. in re-reading my post above.I see so many spelling errors. I guess I needed that teacher. forgive the mistakes.. got on the Rant side and hit send before I looked at what I had written.

    I vote for a correct button. If you go back and see you made a mistake after you send then correct or delete… AMEN

  6. @Yvonne – we all know you are very sweet and kind hearted so who cares if you have typos. Oh, and fock Cafe Brazil.

  7. We shouldn’t reinforce stupidity, don’t let your children or your money support stupidity, boycott intellectual bigotry, eat elsewhere. Smart educators will.

  8. It’s a nice promo that Cafe Brazil is running. Kudos to them for trying to give a little back to educators. According to the Web site, teachers need to show badges. Pretty simple. The vitriol of your complaint seems unwarranted.

  9. You have two conflicting arguments here:
    1. If a business offers a discount policy they should err toward it more than try to restrict it because the intent is to show “good will”. This is an example where failure to do so sends twice the “ill will”.
    2. After 30 years a person might accept the salary bracket limitations that attend to a given career choice and not expect a business to reward them for making that choice. Many people work in areas that improve children’s lives that feel a “personal sense of reward” and don’t expect or receive the praise of society in general. If you think teachers are underpaid what do you think restaurant cashiers make?

  10. How about people stop being cheap and thinking they deserve discounts. I have all the respect in the world for teachers and agree they are extremely underpaid. However, that is the job they signed up for. Going out to eat is a luxury not a right. If you can’t afford it, then dont go out. Just because you are a teacher, fireman, or police officer doesn’t entitle you to discounts or other perks at a private place of business. It is up to the establishment if they choose to create promotions or discounts. They set the requirements and those requirements should be met before anything is received. Pretty simple……

  11. Discount or no discount, every time I read comments from people saying that teachers “get what they deserve, they chose that field, quit whining”, etc., I know that person has definitely never been a teacher.

    Probably the only time they have set foot in a school in the last 20 years is because their precious Johnny or Suzy got caught cheating/swearing/bullying/etc. and they want to yell at the teacher instead of yelling at their kid for being a brat.

  12. A clarifying point for those for whom it seems necessary:

    We did not go in expecting a discount, we were merely responding to the offer of one that is written on the chalkboard over the cash register. Of course we could afford our check or we would not have gone out to eat.

  13. As a former teacher, I must say i was initially slightly perturbed to see that the manager would be so petty.

    Then I looked at the comments to find that Twinwillow would not be eating at Cafe Brazil anymore. I think the manager should consider that a win.