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Alberto Lombardi Opens La Fiorentina Tonight

You asked for a Tuscan steakhouse and Alberto Lombardi is ready to give you one. Tonight, his La Fiorentina opens in the old Chips (Old Church) building on McKinney. Marcello Gallegos (Cafe Bionda and Piccolo Sogno in Chicago) is the chef. The GM is Anthony Porcaro from Bella. Menu is below.

Gli Antipasti
Appetizers/ Soups /Salads

Crostini of the day 8

Soup of the Day  9

Baby Iceberg Wedge Salad with Roasted Bartlett Pear 9

Polenta crouton, crispy pancetta & Dolce Latte dressing

Roasted Hubbard Squash, Chestnut & Burrata Salad 13

Tyrol Speck, sage, watercress & balsamic dressing

One Pound Baked West Coast Manila Clams for the Table 19

Extra virgin olive oil & toasted rustic bread

Oven Roasted Veal Bone Marrow 12

Red onion conserva, Italian sea salt & crostini

All Natural Beef Carpaccio 13

Truffle aioli, micro celery & shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

Scallops & Shrimp Spiedini al Forno 14

Lemon herbed bread crumbs & cannellini bean purée

I Primi
Artisanal hand-crafted Pasta

Gran Tortelloni di Ricotta & Porcini Mushroom    12-23

Braised leeks & sugo d’arrosto

Fresh Hand-crafted Tagliolini    12-23
Braised baby calamari, Manila clams, prawns, zucchini & squash

I Secondi

Main Courses served with our Local Vegetables & Potato of the Day

Add one oven baked colossal Nigerian Shrimp (19)

Center cut Prime Wet Aged Filet Mignon   6oz 28 Veal jus & thyme served Rossini style with black truffle & porcini pâté  9oz 36

La Bistecca Fiorentina “Come a Firenze”   52

Prime wet aged center-cut Porterhouse 24oz with rosemary & “Fagioli all’uccelletto”

Prime Wet Aged Bone-in Center cut 18oz. Rib Eye 42 Chianti wine glaze

All Natural Rocky Mountain Double cut Lamb Chops   39

Mille erbe pesto

Free Range Oven roasted half Chicken 24

Rosemary & natural jus

Slow Roasted Veal Ossobuco 38

Gremolata & tagliolini al Parmigiano

Pan Seared Parmesan crusted Halibut 28

Prosecco beurre blanc artichoke & saffron potatoes

Whole Oven Roasted Branzino 34

Baby fennel, roasted tomatoes & saffron potatoes

Caciucco alla Livornese   32

Our Tuscan style snapper Cioppino

Oven Baked Nigerian Colossal Shrimp 39

Herbed bread crumbs, Meyer lemon beurre blanc

14 comments on “Alberto Lombardi Opens La Fiorentina Tonight

  1. Caro Alberto Cazzone

    Bistecca Fiorentina cannot/wouldnot/shouldnot be served in America. It is false advertising. The true Fiorentina can only be served from the Chianina breed in few Italian pastures. It is as expensive as cocaine if it is the real deal. Should be priced at about $100 a portion. Lascia la lotta apertura di nuovi ristoranti e tornare alla pasta.


  2. Actually had a delightful preview dinner there last night and I have to say the space is absolutely wonderful really nothing to compare it to in Dallas today. Very understated elegance I felt like I was having dinner in a home in Tuscany. The food was delicious and does not read like a typical “steakhouse” menu. This will probably become a hard reservation to get over the next few months once word gets out on what a jewel it is and how private it feels. Not always a fan but this one seems like a winner….

  3. Love the place and its nice to know that the Exc Chef Marcelo Gallegos comes with a full understanding of Italian coccina. Such Resturants as Spiaggi and Vivere and lets not forget Piccolo Sogno

    Good Luck Guys

  4. @AA…Vaffanculo Cretino!
    “Give up the fight to open new restaurants and return to pasta” ?? WTH? Don’t hide behind the Italian language to voice your classless opinion. You are obviously very misinformed and have no business telling a brilliant restaurateur who has consistently brought Dallas amazing concepts and continued to reinvent himself, his cuisine and his venues in order to give what so few in the restaurant business care to.

    As for Bistecca Fiorentina, it is expensive but maybe you’ve had too much cocaine and don’t realize that even NYC has it for roughly the same price in the namesake restaurant as well as many other fine restaurants around the country. It’s easier to get now days due to this new invention called ‘international travel.’ Why can’t Alberto bring it to Dallas and not gouge his guests?

    Maybe the “AA” stands for ‘Alcoholics Anonymous,’ so you should go back to your meetings and stay out of the food business. Leave it to people with class and taste. Obviously, two qualities you will never have.

    Ottimo Lavoro Alberto! Bellissimo!! Buona Fortuna!!

  5. Hey AC, take your own advice and quit hiding behind pseudo-names to get your own opinion across. The only reason you defend him is because you have placements in all his restaurants.

  6. Wow, that is a hard working P.R. company that posts at 3:07 a.m. “Brilliant restaurateur”???? “Amazing concepts”???????

  7. As the PR person for Lombardi restaurants, I can assure you that I was not up and e-mailing at 3:07am and I don’t know a single phrase in Italian so I couldn’t read much of what has been written.

  8. IMHO…(and I plan on eating there next week)

    Mr Lombardi has proven himself as a great restauranteur. No question there. But “brilliant” and “amazing” are pretty big words. Let’s keep things in perspective, here. Still, there are enough restaurants in Dallas to eat pastasciutta, an Tuscany-themed restaurant without pasta emphasis is a good concept.

    I’m wondering (and hoping)…is he using chianina beef for the fiorentina? If angus is more cost effective, then I understand. Is US chianina less expensive? Just curious, please enlighten me. But ultimately, as long as it tastes great and is prepared correctly, I’m happy.

    Wines…as a wine geek, I’m hoping the list doesn’t read like a Napa phonebook. And that doesn’t mean all Italian either, some Rhone would be nice for a change.

    Buona Fortuna Sig. Lombardi

  9. I have to agree, as funny as their name sounds, with ForkU for the most part. AA seems like an idiot and way out of touch. Also, I doubt any PR firm would spout such venom back to an obvious mental midget. I like all of the restaurants Alberto has put out and eat at Taverna often. I’m looking forward to La Fiornentina!

  10. I apologize for my over the top post. I’m not PR for anyone for obvious reasons and I have no affiliation with the Lombardi’s other that truly enjoying how true & simple they make dining, but that ridiculous post by AA got my venom pumping.

    @AA…Who is ‘AC’ and what ‘placements’ are you talking about? I guess it’s just another outlandish statement. Meh.