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Tortilleria Tuzantla in South Dallas Makes 3,000 Tortillas a Day

Recently on the 2010 Dallas Burger Tour, we slammed the kitchen at Wingfield’s on Beckley in South Dallas. While we waited for our burgers, a few of us spied Tortilleria Tuzantla across the street and we strolled over to take a look. Inside we found Eliza Martinez leading four generations of her family (herself, her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother) making tortillas with an authentic, “hecho en Mexico” tortilla machine inside. A few weeks later, I returned to get a little tour. I found Eliza, but the other generations were off for the day.  Eliza was kind enough to take me through the tortilla-making process.

There is some machine noise in the video but Eliza’s work is mostly a visual process anyway.

3 comments on “Tortilleria Tuzantla in South Dallas Makes 3,000 Tortillas a Day

  1. A fresh tortilla is always king in my book, but their tamales reign supreme. Possibly the best I have had besides versions made at home.

    And in all fairness, Andrew had a few cervezas before he tried to pronounced “Tortilleria Tuzantla”. I am still giggling from that mangle.

  2. Steven, I was with Andrew last Saturday and I can honestly say, the hardest thing he had to drink was a Mexican Coca-Cola.
    Besides the amazing paper thin tortillas, the barbacoa tacos, made with their tortillas are, the best! But, you’re sure right about their tamales. Especially, the puerco tamales. The best I’ve had since Lito’s closed.

  3. Ack, he implied he did this video while on the Burger Tour, which he did make a run across the street and do an interview.

    Either way, difficult for most to pronounce but fortunately not to consume.