Restaurant Review: Dive Coastal Cuisine in Dallas

Ahi tuna wrap at Dive Coastal Cuisine in Dallas. (Photo: Kevin Marple)

If upscale fast casual is the new fine dining, then Dive Coastal Cuisine in Snider Plaza has its sights set on becoming the new French Room. Franchesca Nor, the chef and owner, has the right interior design and a menu full of organic, seasonal, and local ingredients, but she has yet to elevate the food to regal status. The vibe is California-meets-the-Caribbean cool. The seafood-centric menu, with a couple of entrées close to $20, includes ceviche, salads (big and small), dips (hummus and cucumber yogurt), seafood entrées (salmon, scallops, mussels), and a kid-friendly selection. Don’t like fish? The restaurant offers a fancy pulled pork sandwich with barbecue ragu and a mustard-ginger slaw. We ordered at the counter and received a number clipped to a tiny soccer ball—which was fitting, since half the customers in the restaurant the night we dined were coaches, parents of players, or players of little league soccer. We enjoyed the Park Cities people-watching as we sipped a wheaty Pyramid Hefeweizen, but the fun stopped when the food arrived.

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2 comments on “Restaurant Review: Dive Coastal Cuisine in Dallas

  1. That’s so funny, because I just ate there last week and my daughter and I were saying just the opposite – how we thought the lighting was a little bright, but the food was fantastic! We have been twice and had scallops, the fish tacos, and a large salad between us, and we think that everything is fresh and perfectly prepared. I couldn’t disagree more with the assessment of the fish tacos, which were Delicious! Maybe they hit a bad night, but we have been impressed. It’s a nice option and something a little different.

  2. Agreed that the “three-way” fish tacos are virtually indistinguishable. The girl who took our order came to our table after I’d eaten them, and asked me which of the three I’d preferred. I literally thought she was joking. Except for the fact that I’d noticed a bite of shrimp in one, I had no idea they were intentionally different. The owner was too busy to say a word to us during our (first-time) visit, although we were one of only two active tables at an odd afternoon hour. maybe just “Hi,” or “Welcome”?