MCrowd Update: CEO Greg Good is Out, Michael Cox Returns to Dallas

I shot an email to MCrowd czar Ray Washburne to ask about the water pipe that burst on Saturday under their Irving warehouse. I saw the story on Channel 8 and the place looked trashed. Washburne said they are rebuilding in the same spot.

While I had his attention, I asked if Greg Good was still the CEO. “Greg Good is leaving MCrowd,” said Washburne. “Greg will stay on the board but is pursuing other opportunities outside of MCrowd.”

But here’s the real poop: Good will be replaced by Michael Cox. Besides playing a huge role in getting Central Market up and running in Dallas, Cox was an on-and-off partner with Stephan Pyles since the old Routh Street Cafe days. Last time I spoke with Cox he was living in Milwaukee and working for Marcus Hotels and Resorts.

Welcome back, Michael. Good to have you in Dallas. (Couldn’t resist.)

Update: I just spoke with Cox. He and his wife are driving from Milwaukee and plan to arrive on Saturday. He starts his new position next Monday.

15 comments on “MCrowd Update: CEO Greg Good is Out, Michael Cox Returns to Dallas

  1. I noticed a significant drop in food and service quality and MiCocina and Taco Diner outlets since Greg Good came on board. Not sure there is a direct correlation but I swore off TD after my last meal there (in Feb) was horrible. I actually complained constructively to the waiter who merely shrugged his shoulders and said “sorry.” I’m holding a grudge.

  2. Michael – - huge favor request from an old Barbara Gordon parent. Bring back Mainstream please!!!!

  3. I guesst those cameras at The Mercury Grill finally caught up to ‘ole GG. If you play with fire…

  4. I used to work for GG. He was arrogant and clearly thought he was better than the people who worked for him. Heard his father was a kind man. The son not so much.

  5. yep, food quality definitely suffered. GG was strictly a quantity man – NOT quality. he pushed employees to turn over tables as quickly as possible and for cooks to get the food out ASAP. numbers were great, but they lost tons of loyal customers and the new ones are dwindling. at least Mico new how to provide quality food and create a sence of warmth with his restaurants… oh well…

  6. GG did with mcrowd what the investors wanted him to. Yes, he ran things different then mico, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. He did a great job of assimiltating in a company that wasn’t entirely welcoming and ended up gaining the trust and appreciation of most employees. He is a good person to work for. He knows restaurants.

  7. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but that is not the man I know. The man that I have known for 18 years is kind, compassionate, and generous. But your negative post will certainly draw more attention than mine. People often run to see a fire but seldom run into the fire to save someone. He would.

  8. Michael is great – I can’t wait to see what he does with the MCrowd!!! welcome back to Dallas!!!

  9. I second the post about bringing back Mainstream Fish House. Couldn’t believe it closed when it happened. Thought it was one of the best neighborhood restaurants around -good atmosphere, great wines, great food, reasonable priced. We went once every two weeks or so. The Point Loma salad was fabulous.

  10. Maybe the fajitas at Mi Cocina will be as good as they once were before Good changed them. Greg is all about the numbers, not so much the quality. Numbers are great but he fails to realize that restaurants are not only food service establishments but they are in the “Hospitality ” business. You can only beat your people down so long before it turns into a job instead of a passion that you just happen to get a pay check for.

  11. Nothing changed in mi cocina only managment, GG did a excellent job with mcrowd, his personal life has nothing to do with serving fajitas, bring mainstream back !!!

  12. To begin with, leave the guy alone this is just another cheater case that has nothing to do with micocina no we know who he is but who cares that is his life maybe micocina will be bussier with the people talking about it and please dont bring mainstream back sucked!!!really bad