Stephan Pyles Celebrates His Fifth Anniversary

Stephan Pyles just celebrated Samar being named one of Esquire’s Best New Restaurants in America, and now he’s going to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his other restaurant along Ross. On Sunday, he’s throwing a Fall Harvest Festival by teaming up with local farmers, wineries, and artisan food merchants. Tickets are $50. You can get them by going to or calling 214-580-7000. Some of the proceeds will benefit the Dallas Arts District. And, of course, we’re dispatching someone to cover it so you may just get your photo on the blog! (Or not. I can’t promise that. It really just depends on the lighting, the moment, and the interest of the writer and photographer. But it could happen. And wouldn’t that be fun?)

16 comments on “Stephan Pyles Celebrates His Fifth Anniversary

  1. You know, I was just thinking: What Sidedish needs is more stories about Stephan Pyles’ restaurants.

  2. Nice – you’d rather hear about good restaurants closing (and they will continue in this economy)than hear about them making it to five years! Awfully jaded readers here.

  3. I agree with skeptic. Stephan put Dallas on the map, and helped me with my career. If you people are this bored….shut your friggin computer down and go ride a bike. \

  4. To Operator – “wiping his nose”…having his restaurant named one of America’s Best New Restaurants – yeah, that’s the same thing.

  5. Any place where Wick Allison is a lunch regular gets extra coverage. It used to be Aurora, when D had offices on Oak Lawn. It’s Stephan Pyles, now that D has offices across the street from him.

  6. What is wrong with you people? Yes, maybe Pyles is over-exposed but wait until the post is trivial to bring that up. The Esquire magazine award and celebrating a 5th anniversary (in a location the nay-sayers announced wouldn’t last) are both news-worthy. You wish there was enough going on in Dallas that required Wick Allison’s eating there to get these accomplishments noticed.

  7. Congratulations, Stephan! We are thrilled to have you in our Arts District neighborhood and thrilled with your success. We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

  8. I don’t understand all the negativity regarding Stephen Pyles. Just what is it that makes some of you so hateful toward him?
    Not that you would change my (positive) opinion of him.

  9. @Twinwillow: Huh? Who said anything negative about Pyles? Four posters said they were tired of reading about Pyles on SideDish. The 10 posts after that, including yours, defended and praised Pyles, and many, including yours, complained that people were unfairly slamming him.

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