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Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out With Where to Eat in DFW and Miami Airports

Help! It’s lunchtime at DFW airport and here I sit with an hour to go before my flight takes off. Hungry girl needs an excellent lunch in the D terminal. Help me out by sending your suggestions for guilty pleasures in airport dining.

Likewise, I’ll be spending a three-hour, dinnertime layover in the Miami airport. I know someone out there must have a tip or two for this hungry girl!

15 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out With Where to Eat in DFW and Miami Airports

  1. Slim pickins in Miami. Islander bar & grill is acceptable. One of the places that’s just a counter has edible empanadas.

  2. We particularly love Grand Met in the Grand Hyatt. I’m thinking that’s Terminal C but worth trying out. The M-lounge adjacent has a pretty decent menu too. I’ll never forget their hummus (with truffle oil) and mushroom flatbread…delicious!

  3. oh, and don’t worry about Miami. Something will get screwed up for sure and you’ll end up having to run from one airplane to another, there will be no time to eat! ;)

  4. I echo the Terminal D suggestion if only for the environment alone. Such a step up from the other terminals, a much more pleasant place to pass the time on a layover.

  5. OMG. Miami International has a restaurant with some of the BEST Cuban food ever. It’s part of the La Carreta restaurants and it’s located in the North Terminal – I think that’s the new terminal. Anyway. Trust me. It’s awesome. Everything is crazy good.

  6. Terminal D has yummy Cantina Laredo… in Terminal A there’s a wine bar with some cheese apps.

  7. Cuban food spot in MIA is only passable food in the place. MIA is one of the worst airports in america for food. Would be the same as DFW without Terminal D.

    Terminal D has a number of great choices, including Reatta.

  8. D Girl nailed it in Miami, La Carreta is ther place for Cuban food. I like the original place in the old terminal but the new terminal is much cleaner and the food is still great

  9. I like Blue Mesa Grill in terminal D, but there are plenty of great options.

    However, if I had 1 hour before takeoff (which means 30 minutes to boarding), I’d be grabbing a smoothie, not sitting down for a meal. No time.

  10. I’m with Kat re: Miami. Alcohol is essential to endure any kind of time spent at that tragic airport.