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Sharon Hage to Close York Street on Saturday

This sad news comes from Teresa Gubbins at PegNews. For ten years, Chef Hage’s York Street has  been Dallas’ premier dining spot. She is taking some time off and has no immediate plans for another restaurant. If you’ve ever been in the teeny kitchen at York Street you would understand why this gal is tired! Oh Sharon, I wish you peace and happiness but we are going to miss your special restaurant.

21 comments on “Sharon Hage to Close York Street on Saturday

  1. Is there something left unsaid? She is closing immediately before the start of the busiest restaurant month of the year. Why could ‘a break’ not start in January, when nobody eats?

  2. Devastating. I hope she still will participate in Les Dames d’Escoffier’s spring event Razer Grazer. Her dish last year was FAB.

  3. All good (great in this case) things come to an end. She has given her all for a long time and now it is time to move on. All the best to this great chef and sweet gal.

  4. I never went. I was always waiting for that perfect occasion. Devastated. From here on out, will carpe diem better

  5. We just heard. I was there with my sister and brother-in-law for lunch, and as usual it was wonderful. There was so much joy in the room, I never would have suspected. Rats! But I know all too well how tough this business can be. I just feel fortunate to have had one last shot at it, and it didn’t disappoint. All the best to Sharon and her lovely crew.

  6. Andrew, since the tiny place was almost always booked full, missing the boom of the holliday season wouldn’t have caused Sharon to miss much.
    Sharon, I never had less than a stellar experience in your restaurant. Thanks and thanks again for all you brought to this town.

  7. @marshall

    Andrew asked a valid question, and was probably hoping Nancy or a some other food reporter would dig it up instead of blindly posting the story with zero followup. I’m not bashing Nancy, b/c maybe she did or maybe she is busy under the sun still…Gastro took a guess, but I still don’t believe the story being put out. To close on such short notice is to put a lot fo people with prized reservations near the holidays in a bind.

  8. Sharon Hage has been an inspiration to me and many of our friends(chefs)
    As a chef and restauranteur, she is an amazing giving, caring and passionate person who respects food, people and life itself.
    She has practiced this philosophy not only in Texas but everywhere she has cooked or lived in her career.
    I consider her a friend and one of the most talented and hard working chefs I have ever met in my entire life . She has cooked with passion and has inspired many with her skills and focus since I first met her in 1985.

    There are very few people in this world who practice and exhibit the level of talent, technique and integrity that she has shared with all of us us over the last 15 years or so.
    Sharon possesses a unique vision and has expressed a freedom and knowledge and respect for ingredients and execution that most people can’t grasp
    She is a true individual who possesses enormous strength and practices honesty and vision with her cuisine
    I am sure after a brief hiatus she will be back stronger, bolder and even more inspired than most chefs dream of.
    I look forward to that day and that meal.

  9. Many, many thanks to Chef Hage for so many wonderful meals…absolutely exquisite food. I wish her peaceful rest, delightful adventures, and beautiful meals as lovingly prepared as those she has cooked for us these past ten years. Bon Chance!

  10. I wish she could do one night that was only for people that never got to experience it! Newcomers only. Charge us double for being such jackasses!

  11. My wife and I celebrated her 40th birthday at York Street just last month. It was without a doubt the finest, most memorable meal we have ever shared together. I am so grateful we were able to share that experience before York Street closed. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime restaurant.

  12. Fonzie and Andrew-
    Maybe she just wanted to enjoy the holidays for the first time in 10 years!

  13. I have been very fortunate to have worked for Sharon only 1 month of my career in december of 2004. And oh boy did I learn from her. Thanks for the opportunity and god bless you !