Another Intern Adventure – This Time to the Opening of Dallas’ First Del Taco … in Denton

Intern Meredith Stein beat a trail out to Denton last night to be on hand for the media launch of Dallas’ very first Del Taco. Hey, Meredith, tell us what you saw:

Crunch time at Denton's new Del Taco.

Last night marked the grand opening of Texas’ very first Del Taco, a 50 year-old California fast-food chain with devotees nationwide.

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Del Taco CEO Paul Murphy was on hand to get the party started.

Why Denton, you ask? “We chose Denton because it’s a great community. We thought we could do well,” says vice president of marketing, John Cappasola. Not to mention, with a 24-hour drive through, UNT & TWU students will have no problem getting their 2 am taco fix.

The menu for store #517 includes an assortment of burritos, quesadillas, “world-famous” fries, and yes, even burgers. There’s a vast breakfast menu, too. The beans are lard-free and made from scratch, the chicken is grilled fresh every hour, the pico de gallo is hand-made on the premises (this is the first store to carry Del Taco’s new signature salsas), and they (somehow) manage to sell good-tasting tacos for 49 cents.

In attendance at last night’s pre-launch celebration were city officials, Del Taco fanatics, and the entire Denton County Fire Department (yes, every last one of them). A mariachi band provided the tunes while staff served complimentary bean-and-cheese treats.

Cappasola says the vibrant color palette and décor of the Denton restaurant is a first for the chain and is “the future of Del Taco.” A McKinney location is already in the works and is set to open in Spring of 2011.

Stop by today after work for the grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony at 7pm. (1715 S. State Loop 288, Denton, TX)

Mariachi band? Check.

12 comments on “Another Intern Adventure – This Time to the Opening of Dallas’ First Del Taco … in Denton

  1. I’m willing to bet they’re here to stay, this time.
    They’re in the right town at the right time.

  2. Del Taco was even in Grand Prairie in the ’80s — BEFORE the horsetrack, before the minor league park, before stadium seating in movie theaters (none in Grand Prairie, of course)… Yep, bad timing..

  3. We had a Del Taco in McKinney back in the 80s, long before the Burbs were cool. That location is currently a Taco Bueno, IIRC.

  4. Yes, there were several Del Tacos back in the day, but I believe they said it was owned by a different company at that time…

  5. I use to work for Del Taco and LOVE the brand! It has one of the best QSR menu’s from head to toe – try it, you’ll love it!!! Glad it FINALLY made it back to my home state

  6. There were lots of Del Taco’s in Houston back in the day. They used to be neck in neck with Taco Bell in that market… like Church’s and Kentucky Fried. That first pic is hilarious. Was that posed? Every single person is biting into their taco at that moment. funny.

  7. Del Taco (and Nagles before the merger) were one our favorite guilty pleasures in California. Can’t wait to have the combo burrito, fries and a shake… Del Taco, if you’re reading this, get thyself to Frisco ASAP.We have a huge population of transplants from California that will crowd your stores!

  8. My very first job was at the Del Taco in Grand Prairie off 19th and 1-30. I would put their hot sauce on the
    hamburgers……thinking about it now and wishing I were in Denton to try it again!