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BrewDog Tokyo To Be Tapped at Common Table Tonight

BrewDog, a scrappy little brewery in Scotland is turning out some of the more interesting (not to mention strongest) beers on the market today. Tonight, Common Table will tap a small keg of BrewDog Tokyo, an 18.2% imperial stout brewed with jasmine and cranberries, dry hopped with a combination of North American and New Zealand hops, and aged for four weeks on toasted vanilla French oak chips. This is a remarkable beer — one that very seldom turns up on tap anywhere. Swing by to give it a try.

2 comments on “BrewDog Tokyo To Be Tapped at Common Table Tonight

  1. They also tapped a keg of Stone’s Cali-belgique, an American style IPA fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. Excellent beer as well.