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Saint Ann Restaurant and Bar Gets a Solid “A” in Our Grade Book

The baby iceberg wedge at Saint Ann restaurant and bar.

Last Thursday night I paid an undercover visit to Saint Ann, Uptown’s newest eclectic eatery. Click here to read the review and see the awesome pics…

3 comments on “Saint Ann Restaurant and Bar Gets a Solid “A” in Our Grade Book

  1. Ate there this past week. A little disappointing that 2 items were out (1 app and 1 entree) by 7p.m. Rather uninspired as a result. Sitting on the fence as to whether I’d head back anytime soon.

  2. I haven’t been, but I looked at their menu online and just have to say I LOVE how they styled it. As a writer and copy editor myself, I really get a kick out of the fake term paper look complete with proofreader’s notes. The prices are right, too.

    @sausage on a stick, another way to look at it: yeah, it sucks when a restaurant is out of something, but at least it means they’re not mass-producing food that may or may not sell and could potentially go to waste. Plus, it’s a young restaurant, still getting a bearing on how much it needs of what. Unless you disliked what you eventually ordered, don’t let that one experience put you off.

  3. Stopped by for lunch today. The menu online is only for dinner. Lunch is similar to Marie Gabrielle with three entree options, one sandwich and build your own pizza or salad. Food was fine, but portions are small. Visitor parking is off the Harry Hines side, and plenty of spots were open. I’ll try again for dinner.