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  1. @Marlon – I’ve had that too. It’s crazy good. I took my posse to Royal China Wednesday. I’m obsessed with the place and there’s a chronically happy chinese guy pulling noodles there, which makes it even better. Love it. Best dumplings (pork!) and any pulled noodle dish is great.

  2. Mmm, beef tendon pho and, combo roast pork and shrimp rolls at Bistro B. Delicious!

    Dinner with a friend at Nova: Fried baked potato skins stuffed with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and chives.
    And, lobster spring rolls.

  3. Disappointing dinner at Gordon Biersch in Plano. They changed the fish and chips so instead of beer batter (still listed as such on the menu) it is regular old breadcrumbs. Awful. Steak, salmon, all overcooked and bland.

    Dinner at Zorba’s was quite good. Love the huge Meze platter. Place was packed on a Wednesday night so good for them.

    Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina. ‘Nuff said.

  4. On Sunday,huachinango (red snapper) with salsa verde at Cafe San Miguel, served with nopales, eaten at the friendly bar – and on Monday, the Colorado lamb burger at Nova – good with two glasses of malbec…

  5. We finally tried Fernando’s (NW Hwy@Midway) for brunch. Free mimosas with unlimited refills tasted a little like Tang. But, the brunch was fantastic. The refried beans were super savory and Mexican omlette was nice and fluffy. Great chorizo with minimal grease.

    Last night we went to Dodie’s on Greenville. The grilled oysters were not as good as usual. No smoky flavor. But, I love that shrimp bisque and the crab claws!

  6. Underseasoned veggie sandwich for lunch at Salum yesterday. Should have gone for an entree. I will never ignore the siren call of goat cheese ravioli again.

  7. Mercy Wine Bar in Addison, has been on my list for awhile; packed on Wednesday night, enjoyed the flights, reasonable price, and multi selections.
    The menu was ok; shared some nice appetizers, but we weren’t really there for the food now were we!

  8. Had dinner last Saturday at Bolsa- Great drinks! i had something with blackberries…and another drink called the Ginger Dragon (i think) that wasn’t on the menu… for dinner i had the portabella pizza, and some mussels, both very tasty!

  9. Had dinner at the new Perry’s (not the Place at Perry’s) last weekend. Excellent, excellent. Split the hot entrée appetizer (fried asparagus with crab meat, calamari, house-smoked sausage). I had filet, hubs had the famous pork-chop. All were cooked to perfection and the wine prices (we had a bottle of The Prisoner for ~60) were very competitive. We’ll be back.

  10. Had dinner last night at Gloria’s on Greenville- the spinach and cheese enchiladas were ok, until I woke up at 3 a.m. with stomach pains. Their happy hour specials are awesome though. Had delivery twice this week from Farnatchi- the rigatoni with blackened shrimp is my new favorite dish!

  11. Holy Ravioli – salad with the best balsamic dressing in town. Seriously!

    The Ritz Bar – meatloaf sliders (yummy) lobster nachos (ho hum)

    Pot roast at a friend’s – best ever!

    California Pizza Kitchen – Chinese chicken salad. Consistently great.

  12. Dinner at Nosh Euro Bistro last night. I hope they were just having a bad night in the kitchen.

  13. Just had the burger at Urbano Cafe. Oh my God! why isn’t this burger on the Burger radar. The best I’ve had in a long while. I had it with the Cambazola cheese. Too big to finish,the bun was from La Spiga.

  14. Neighborhood Services Tavern on Henderson. Went early to avoid the Saturday crowd.
    Service was good, if not a little too perky and rehearsed (felt like the server was auditioning for drama club). Cocktails – extraordinary. Salads – very good. Short rib special (let it be known it was braised for 5 hours) in au jus over cheddar mashed potatoes was a bit dry (which was a surprise), and the au jus was a sticky, salty glaze> This was a surprise as as the Short Rib at Lovers Lane location has rocked on multiple visits. NH Tavern is still on the list for a second visit.

  15. Momo’s on Forest. After reading all the fantastic comments on SideDish a couple weeks ago, we finally went. The food was good, the rest was a disappointment. Our waiter (also front of house guy) was an (#$*. The atmosphere was boring. We sat next to a fish tank where I watched the one fish in the tank pick up rocks from the bottom and spit them out. I’m still searching for the ideal italian restaurant in Dallas — Momo’s wasn’t it.

  16. Italian? May want to give Adelmo’s on Cole a try if you haven’t, very nice menu selections, authentic, and wonderful Italian atmosphere.

  17. Meddlesome Moth for dinner last Friday night–food was good but barely room temperature and the hostess vastly underestimated wait time (quoted 25 minutes; after waiting an hour we ordered and ate in the bar, but I’m not complaining–excellent people-watching!)

    Another Broken Egg on Greenville for a late breakfast on Tuesday. Popeye omelette was fantastic; the potatoes they serve on the side might have come out of an Ore-Ida bag.

    Sprinkles sea salt/caramel cupcake on Tuesday–meh.

    Cupcakery lemon cupcake on Wednesday–quite good, but enough with the yellow food coloring. (FYI–the best lemon cupcakes are from Breadwinners or Tart).

    El Fenix for dinner on Saturday–botanas and a swirl just about sums it up.

  18. An old friend recently asked me for advice on shwarma in Dallas, and at the time I didn’t have a place I could really recommend.

    So we started exploring and last Friday night we hit upon Afrah Restaurant and pastries (Main and Greenville in Richardson). Fabulously executed beef and chicken shwarma served with sides. One order ~$10 easily feeds two. The ambiance is not quite as nice as the Mansion, but i had the sense that I was traveling and eating in a modest mom and pop abroad.

    There are other middle eastern places on the street that look fun to try also.

    I have so many Asian favorites in that area that it’s hard to try a new place. This time I am really glad I did.

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