New Twisted Root Burger With Drive-in Theater Theme Opens in Village at Fairview

Watch movies from the 50s through the 80s on the big screen at the new Twisted Root.

Take a big bite out of your burger while you revisit movies from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s at the new 3,750 square-foot, drive-in-theater themed Twisted Root at The Village at Fairview. Think stained concrete floors, 50s diner-style furniture, a large movie-viewing screen complete with old-fashioned speakers, and a “concession stand” where you place your order.

My idea of a good time – a late-night burger and “adult” milkshake (Amaretto-Oreo? Banana-Baileys?) while African Queen…or Auntie Mame plays in the background.

Any takers?

Located at 232 Town Place (The Village at Fairview)

9 comments on “New Twisted Root Burger With Drive-in Theater Theme Opens in Village at Fairview

  1. Their basic problem is unsolved — execution. When the founders aren’t literally in the store the quality falls apart, both the food and the service. Until they get that fixed this chain is a miss – despite the good ideas that went into the product..

  2. I went with my kids on Monday night…it is a very cool set up. It was their first night and it was packed with families…should do very well in Fairview. I had a turkey burger and kids had grilled cheese. I snuck a bite of grilled cheese and it was really really good. Staff was overwhelmed but really helpful and enthusiastic. The Blob was on the big screen!

  3. Great. Another family themed restaurant with a good theme. how about an adult themed business where I don’t have to be subjected to someones brats insolent behavior If you are showing adult shows from this era with adult milkshakes, how about keeping the kids at home, parents.

  4. The Richardson store has had it’s share of issues with consistency, so it will be interesting to see how this one fares. Jay’s report sounds encouraging.

    I just let my husband know it’s open, so I’m sure we’ll be loading the kids up to go. Yes, we take our kids, so they do learn how to act in public, so, Johnny, if you are allergic to kids, stick to Uptown and Knox/Henderson. They have lots of places in those neighborhoods that those of us with kids don’t get to visit.

  5. Andrew, agreed, the Richardson store has had some quality issues, and frankly $14 for a (buffalo) burger, cheese, side and soda is getting really expensive.

    Johnny, let the free market reign, where there is a market for kid free, there is kid free. I believe it is completely the business owners choice to invite or disallow families with children.

    I will admit, I do not like kids running around a restaurant, and my children (5 and 2) don’t.

  6. The concept is really fun, and there is a lot of patio seating outdoors. I was one of the many at the opening night in Fairview since it was a few steps away for me, and it was one of my better burgers I have had at the local chain.

  7. Twisted Root’s hot dogs are delicious, if expensive, but I’m shocked by the accolades this chain continues to bring in for its burgers. Overcooked meat, no seasoning and unbalanced toppings make this place a permanent pass.

    The sister restaurant, Cowboy Chow, is better overall, but also plagued by inconsistency in food and service. Still, I’d rather see Cowboy Chow expand than Twisted Root. Village at Fairview is close by for me, and I’d love to get a Cowboy Chow up there.

  8. Is there a movie schedule or you just take your luck with what is showing?

    And DON’T get me started on kids! I mistakenly went to Dixie House on a Tuesday night (yeah Basia concert!) when it’s kids eat free, and apparently that also translates into “kids run around screaming while parent totally ignore them and make no attempt to take care of them”.

    Two young ladies sat at the table next to mine with 4-5 kids, multiple beers, and completely ignored their children as they screamed, crawled under the table, threw food, walked in front of waiter, etc. And I pitied the poor busboy who had to clean up afterwards, with food and drink all over the floor, along with smashed up crayons and probably diapers!

    s.e.: It’s great to take your kids out so they can learn how to act in public, but I would prefer if there was some kind of pre-training beforehand, instead of asking me to be their teacher.

  9. oh you know it alls with no kids. get some kids and then tell me how superior you still are. I agree with the free market comment. If you dont want to mess with kids, dont go where they go. Do you really go to Twisted Root for a cozy/romantic/sophisticated/singles night out? Their lunch rush in deep ellum is as loud and crazy as they come and there are no kids to be seen.