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Stephan Pyles Will Continue Fuego at Stephan Pyles

I’m sure Stephan Pyles was sad to see Matt McCallister leave, but it isn’t the first or last time he’ll lose a good chef. In fact, it’s an accepted part of the restaurant business. Sous chefs move up to execuchef and on-to-the-next quite frequently. But I digress.

Because McCallister was such a big part of the R&D and opening of Fuego, the  four- seat micro restaurant, many Dishers wondered what Pyles plans to do con Fuego. So I asked him.

“Fuego will certainly move forward as it has generated a lot of interest. Matt has been inspirational but is not essential to its success. In fact it’s hardly prudent to have the executive chef of the restaurant cooking every weekend for only 4 seats. Danyele McPherson is our “little Miss Fuego” and she and I will continue to drive it with input from a brilliant new sous-chef, Bill Baskin, who “staged” at Fat Duck in Bray. I will make the decision this week whether to replace Matt from outside or within the organization.”

Oh, chef drama! I love it. Will it be from within or from the real world? Tune in soon for another exciting adventure of As the Chefs Turn.

One comment on “Stephan Pyles Will Continue Fuego at Stephan Pyles

  1. otay pankies…may matt land in a place where he/they can actualy PAY their local grower(s)on/in time.
    the black tooth