Somebody Help This Poor Family: Take-Out Thanksgiving Dinner

Sarah Reiss is working on a roundup of all the restaurants offering Thanksgiving Day dinner. I’ve gotten several emails from folks who don’t want to go out and don’t want to cook. I can identify with that. So anybody had a good experience with a take-out turkey dinner, let it flow. Restaurants, we welcome you copy and pasted menus in the comments section. You can also send them to Sarah @

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  1. Celebration on Lovers Lane has always been good – you can get everything there and provide more variety than you probably would fixing it yourself.

    If you order ahead and need a whole turkey, the smoked turkey from Kuby’s in Snider Plaza is as good as it gets. They do provide some of the side dishes as well.

  2. I promise I’m not trying to trash anyone, but, from personal experience, I would skip Tom Thumb, even though the price is right. I’ve had excellent food from Central Market’s catering dept., although I’ve never ordered anything for Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I tried their Tamale dressing and thought it was excellent.

  3. Market Street is always good! We have come to town several years to our daughter’s and ordered it! It was great, just heat it up and eat! (Sweet potatoes are the BOMB!)

  4. TJ’s Thanksgiving Take Out

    (sorry for bad formatting, comments section doesn’t really lend itself to graphic design!)


    Orders available for pick up
    Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun
    10am – 6:30pm
    (closed Thanksgiving)

    TJ’s Holiday Party Platters

    TJ’s Famous Cocktail Shrimp Platter
    With lemons, red & remoulade sauce (1 sauce for small)
    Jumbo (5lb) serves 20-30 150.00
    Large (3lb) serves 10-16 90.00
    Small (1lb) serves 4-6 35.00

    TJ’s Seafood Feast Platter
    Shrimp, lobster and jumbo lump crab with a trio of sauces
    Large serves 10-16…249.00
    Small serves 4-6…149.00

    Hickory & Alder or Lox Smoked Salmon Platter
    With decorative cream cheese & fixings
    Large serves 10-16…84.00
    Small serves 4-8…42.00

    Crudités Platter
    With spinach & shallot and smoked salmon dips
    Large serves 20-25 (2 dips)…55.00
    Small serves 10-16 (1 dip)…35.00

    Fromage Platter
    Selection of domestic and artisan cheeses with crackers
    Large serves 20-25…85.00
    Small serves 10-16…65.00

    Chardonnay Poached Salmon Platter
    With cucumber dill sauce & lemons
    Large serves 10-16…110.00
    Small serves 4-8…60.00

    Beef Tenderloin Sandwich Platter
    Garlic & pepper rubbed tenderloin sliced thin with cocktail rolls, creamy horseradish and mustard sauces
    Large serves (4 doz)..150.00
    Small serves (2 doz)…75.00

    Caviar Platter
    With grated egg whites, yolks, red onions, capers & blinis
    Large serves 25-30…155.00
    Small serves 10-16…80.00

    New England Lobsta’ Roll Platter
    Traditional lobster salad on egg bread. Sweet & succulent.
    Large (6 doz)…180.00
    Small (3 doz)…95.00


    Bake At Home Puff Pastries (14.99 – 20.99 / doz)
    Mushroom Profiteroles
    Shrimp & Dill Puffs
    Lobster Triangles Black Bean Empanadas
    Brie, Pear & Almond Flowers
    Spinach & Pesto Puff

    Baked Brie with Fruit and Nuts…22.99
    Brown Sugar & Red Chile Beef Satays…24.00 / doz
    Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms…13.00 / doz
    Lump Crab Stuffed Mushrooms…18.00 / doz
    Smoked Salmon, Krab, Spinach & Shallot Dips

    Soups (Pint…5.99)

    Seafood Gumbo
    Clam Chowder
    Lobster Bisque

    TJ’s Ready-To-Eat Seafood

    Oysters: Galveston Bay or Blue Point…Mkt Price
    Seafood Enchiladas…8.99
    Shrimp & Lobster Enchiladas…14.99
    King Crab Legs…25.99 / lb
    Lump & Jumbo Lump Crabmeat…27.99 – 39.99 / lb
    Florida Stone Crab Claws…Mkt Price

    TJ’s Crab Cakes
    Gulf Appetizer…3.99
    Gulf Dinner…6.99

    Holiday Entrées

    Grilled Salmon or Sea Bass…18.99 – 34.99 / lb
    Glazed Boneless Chicken Breasts…6.99 / ea
    Maine Lobsters…17.99 / lb
    Live or steamed & cracked
    Whole Beef Tenderloin…17.99 / lb
    No charge for trimming, seared & seasoned
    Crab-Stuffed Idaho Trout…14.99
    Caren’s Shrimp & Crab Casserole…65.00
    Serves 6-8


    Vegetables (Feed 6…16.99)
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    Green Beans w/ Almonds
    Corn Pudding
    Glazed Carrots
    Sweet Potato Casserolew/ Streusel Topping
    Potato Cakes…1.99 ea

    Salads (Feed 6-8…28.00)
    Garden Salad
    Spinach Salad With Apricots & Bleu Cheese

    Thanksgiving Traditions
    Cornbread & Herb Dressing…16.00
    TJ’s Famous Oyster Dressing…20.00
    Plain Gravy…3.99 / pt
    w/ Giblets…4.99 / pt
    Fresh Cranberry Relish…6.99 / pt
    Sourdough Baguette…3.99 ea

    Cooking At Home?
    TJ’s Raw Seafood Specialties

    Lobster Tails (4oz-10oz)…9.99 – 33.99
    Scallops – Nantucket Bay & Atlantic U10 Sea…Mkt Price
    Raw Shrimp (31-35, 16-20 & Peeled)…14.99 – 22.99 / lb
    PEI Mussels & Littleneck Clams…Mkt Price
    Crawfish Tail Meat…12.99 – 18.99 / lb
    Tuna, Sea Bass, Dover Sole, Snapper, Salmon (Atlantic & Wild), Tilapia, Trout…Mkt Price

    Thanksgiving Desserts

    Whole Cakes…36.00
    Flourless Chocolate Oblivion Cake
    Tiramisu Cake
    Italian Cream Cake
    Caramel Crunch Chocolate Cake (38.00)

    Holiday Pies…18.00
    Pumpkin Pecan Cherry
    Apple Peach-Raspberry

    Pumpkin Pie Crumble Cake
    Larges 10-14…38.00

    Southern-Style Bread Pudding
    Serves 10-14…36.00

    Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes…5.95

    Mini French Pastry Platter
    Mini Chocolate Oblivion, Chocolate Roulade, Italian Cream Cake, Eclairs and more
    Large serves 10-16…48.00
    Small serves 4-8…24.00

  5. I remember driving around one Thanksgiving and finding only one real restaurant open: Truluck’s. They were serving a full-on T-Day dinner with dressing, cranberry sauce, the works. We ate in and took a giant slice of cake home for later. That’s how I like to celebrate a holiday.

  6. Not to detract from Jon @ TJ’s (nothing but love my friend!)but I happened to pick up a la Madeleine take home for the holidays menu the other day. Turkey and all the trimmings for 12-14 people only $149.99

  7. Central Market has been a favorite for the last couple of years; and I have also used Luby’s for take out Thanksgiving, it is also very good. Order early, and pick up early, is my advise, it gets crowded.

  8. For those looking for meat free options or vegan Thanksgiving take out try Spiral Diner, Whole Foods or Cafe Elite. Checkout for menu and ordering information.

  9. I just saw Maggiano’s has a take out option — traditional stuff mixed with italian items. I have also had the La Madeline Thanksgiving spread and it’s pretty good and SO easy to prepare — and priced well. We typically mix it with a few prepared things from Whole Foods. Don’t mess with Central Market – their food is SO overrated!

  10. I’ve ordered from the Pyramid Restaurant several times for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners and highly recommend them. Yummy, high quality food with easy pick-up. Good value, too– the lowest-priced option, which they say will feed 4, looked more like it would feed at least 6.

  11. I know this is going to sound outrageous to all of you but Boston Market has absolutely fabulous turkey and all of the fixins and its very well prepared,tasty and inexpensive plus you have a lot of choices…don’t be a snob here…this is a great place and has a great turkey day dinner.

  12. Last year I picked up several items from Eatzi’s. After trying their sage gravy, I swore I would never attempt gravy again. It was delicious.

  13. Urban Crust chef Salvatore is doing Wood Fired Turkeys with tons of cool sides called Thanksgiving 2010 Supremo feeds up to 10 for $195.

    Norma’s Cafe does Traditional Southern Thanksgiving meal for take out for much less for about $80.00