12 comments on “Nantucket Bay Scallop Season is Open

  1. Try Neighborhood Services on Lovers tomorrow. 1st of the season Nantuckets will be arriving..I am sure Nick and crew will be making a noodle dish with these diamonds.

  2. From a local seafood supplier:

    “Chefs, Owners, Purchasing,

    There were no surprises today…the harvest looks like one of the smallest, if not the smallest in history. Some fishers are already talking about quitting by the end of the week. I’m guessing the hard core guys
    will go much longer. When the fleet thins out, there will be more available for the best fishers, but it will
    be week to week.

    The scallops that we received today are beautiful, much larger than last year.

    The summer’s spat has survived so far, so let’s cross our fingers and many of them make it to adult hood. If so, we could have a good harvest next season. Up and down harvests are normal. As with the weather, we seem to be having more extremes in recent years. We do know that changes in salinity of seawater
    when we get big rains, affect the scallops, in addition to nutrients in the harbor, jellyfish, and a number of natural and man made factors.”

  3. TJ’s will have them raw for cooking at home probably early next week. Willy sending us some ASAP.

    one of the EASIEST gourmet treats to cook at home. oil, salt pepper, saute until they look done. 5 min? ridiculous.

    and eat a few raw. trust us.

    and remember everyone, these are BAY scallops. they are small and sweet. not big like sea scallops.

  4. DISH introduced a newly enhanced menu 10 days ago and we will be featuring Nantucket Bay Scallops next week and through the weekend as a special each night.

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