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14 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Went to Mai’s for lunch Wednesday for some phở, was let down. Overly sweet and anise-y broth, beef tasted like leather. Also for lunch, Cindi’s downtown. $10 for a sandwich on Nature’s Own and Lays chips, not my idea of a good value. Decent Pastrami though. Winner this week was Sharaku. Had a wide array of kushiyaki and kushiage which were mostly all quite delicious and a reasonably priced bottle of ginjo. Be forewarned, your coat may reek of robata if you stay too long…

  2. We decided to try Fedora on our way to the Opera on Saturday night. Overall it was meh. We ordered two cocktails off of their menu. The first one came out quickly while it took about 15 minutes for the Sazerac to make an appearance (Bartender had to look it up). Neither drink was what they should have been.

    Food was pricey for their small portions, at least on what I ordered. Wife had a pasta dish, which she enjoyed, and I had a seafood risotto, on which the scallops were great, but the lack of actual risotto left me looking for snacks after we left for the show.

  3. Dinner at budget-killer Pappas Bros. Great food, great service. The lobster bisque was one of the all time best.

    Take-out from 3-6-9 BBQ in Plano. Definitely my favorite all around Chinese (Yao Fuzi is in the upscale category). Try the Spicy Salt Shrimp and the Walnut Shrimp.

  4. New Malaysian place in Plano, Blue Ginger Garden on SE corner of Parker & Independence. Great food been there twice this week. It’s really amazes me how “international” Plano has become.

  5. Saint Arnolds Divine Reserve vertical tasting followed by dinner at The Common Table last night. Great grilled cheese sandwich–with pork tenderloin, yum. Also love their fries.

  6. Good Eats on Sunday. Comforting and consistent! They gave us a 20% discount because my son was wearing a sports jersey. Nice!

    Torchy’s Tacos – Just can’t help myself

    While in Mockingbird Station decided to revisit Urban Taco. It appears they are slipping.

    Salad from Eatzis on Inwood – I am so happy they are there.

    Mi Cocina for dinner – Majority ruled. Shared some fajitas. Enjoyed

    The Club at the Four Seasons – Spicy chicken sandwich and delicious iced tea

    Nosh – Avocado crostini and Nantucket Bay scallop special

  7. Sun- Torchy’s (still the King)
    Mon- Common Table- awesome bbq chicken and peppery bacon sandwhich
    Tue- Cliff bar at desk
    Wed- Buzzbrews- Amigas- great
    Thur- ham sanwhcih-home- awesome
    Fri- Common Table- just quality and consistently good food similar to neighborhood services if it would open for lunch

  8. Chamberlain,s Fish Market. Two of us had the smallish Lobster tail & both were overcooked & chewy. Very expensive & no sides with it. No complaints from our dining companions who ordered the grilled trout & crab legs.

  9. Bubbas Fried Chicken with rolls, green beans and mashed potatoes. It all goes down real easy, and then you think, OMG, what have I done to my body? The particulars: I think the chicken is bland. Really needs a good BBQ dipping sauce. The green beans–soft, overcooked–meh. The mashers are very tasty–creamy and smooth. And the rolls, oh the rolls. They’re sweet and dense and heavy. After you’ve eaten the 2nd helping of mashed potatoes and another roll, because you just can’t stop, you roll yourself out to the car. Once you get home, you heave yourself inside, flopping onto the couch, comatose, while the Cowboys lose again.

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  11. Aatish Grill on Marsh and Trinity Mills in North Dallas. Great shwarma, fresh thin pita, and awesome hummous made fresh and not from canned garbanzos. The magdous (red bell pepper, onion and walnut stuffed pickled eggplant) was interesting but not something I would go back for if I were eating alone. The shwarma though rivals the ones I have had at Phonecia Deli in Houston.

  12. Oishii for sushi. Salmon is like buttah. Hamachi is as good as what other sushi places pass for toro. Nigiri is always a generous portion, not a thin slice on rice I find elsewhere. Creative rolls, great service.