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9 comments on “Long Table Trend Goes to Oak Cliff

  1. A long table running down an Oak Cliff street while armed hungry neighbors watched on scares me a tad. I feel safe in Bishop’s Arts but I do often hear gun shots and sirens in the vacinity.

  2. Glen, precisely why I intend to bring my sabre with me to dinner–to fend off any ruffian interlopers! Note to the organizers: if the plates aren’t made out of gold and the cocktails from unicorns’ tears, I will demand a refund.

  3. Glenn, by all means, please stay away from the dirt and grit of Oak Cliff. I hear the restaurants at Legacy and in Fairview are all clean and safe. Please go there. Please.

  4. @Tired–fortunately, the NDD seen at Bolsa doesn’t seem to have infiltrated Nova yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way.