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The Low Down on Uptown’s Nodding Donkey

The Nodding Donkey's Big Ole Hot Dog

The saloon-inspired Nodding Donkey, brought to us by the folks behind State & Allen Lounge, rolled up its garage-door walls last weekend with a theme in place and a menu in development. With flat-screen TVs numbering in the teens, including the area’s first public 3D TV, and a dual-level, wrap-around patio, the Donkey drew sports fans who like their beer canned and their food hearty…

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5 comments on “The Low Down on Uptown’s Nodding Donkey

  1. I guess you haven’t been to the Loon in a while or order beer there but they are in cans …ill let it slide because who orders a beer at the Loon!

  2. Funny you mentioned the queso tasting like Velveeta… Me and the others at my table thought the same thing. We actually thought it was Velveeta!

  3. Some friends and I dinnered here tonight to try something new and will not go back — avoid it. There is nothing fabulous about the food or the limited menu — I think it will only stay open because of all the televisions they have mounted.