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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe

He’s packing up the family and heading to Santa Fe. Ho, ho, ho, Santa Fe for Santa Claus at Christmas. Tell him where to go.

Any chance you can ask your well traveled readers if they know of a place for Christmas dinner in Santa Fe? There’s always loads of people from Dallas up there so I reckon there might be some suggestions.We don’t care if it’s homey or fancy, just keep it local (i.e. no Asian etc :)

20 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe

  1. The Anasazi Restaurant is great. I was there this summer. The chef is British and classically trained but has made Santa Fe cuisine his own by using local ingredients and making Sante Fe cuisine his own. I’m sure it won’t be on the Christmas menu but I had this tomato coconut soup when I was there and it was crazy good.

  2. Rancho de Chimayo (about 20 minutes out of town) is typically open and well worth a visit. In town, the Coyote Cafe is usually open in the afternoon and has some pretty good fare and most of the hotel dining rooms offer up a Christmas meal.

  3. The Compound is pretty special, esp for xmas eve.
    Everyone has a fav red ‘n’ green joint. I like the Shed. CAS-U-AL! But fun and they don’t look down their noses at “tourists.”
    I’ve had a couple of good experiences at a la mesa. A nice bistro, for something in between.
    Pick up some delightful pâtisserie @ Clafoutis for xmas morning.

  4. It’s a very Christian town, I’d be surprised if anything is open.

    Local? Maria’s. Not to mention they have killer margarita’s in about 100 styles and handmade (while you’re watching) tortillas.

  5. Hmm, somehow managed to delete a sentence in there about Maria’s:

    Prices are cheap and it’s almost (only) people from Santa Fe, or who know it well crowding in.

  6. Terra at the Encantado resort in Tesuque. Since it’s in the hotel, it will likely be open on Christmas.

  7. For high end go Geronimo or Restaurant Martin. I actually like the patio bar at Anasazi better than the restaurant. Great margaritas with a really good bar menu although probably a little cold at Christmas. We had an awful lunch at SantaCafe in July and I have never gotten how the Pink Adobe stays in business.

  8. Thanks for posting my request Nancy and thanks kind readers for the responses. Need to call Marias me thinks.

  9. I can’t believe I’m the first to recommend the famous, Bobcat Bite and their iconic green chili cheeseburger. Not to be missed!
    Also not to be missed: Cafe Pasqual’s. You’d kill yourself if you knew how good their food is and didn’t go there.

  10. Another vote for Rancho de Chimayo. Had dinner there last June, and it was one of the best meals I have ever had in Santa Fe.

  11. Sadly Marias is closed Christmas Day – the day I desire the Christmas Day DInner.

    I think we are going for The Bishop’s Lodge. Sounds yummy.

    We were staying at The Inn of The Anasazi two Christmas’s ago and their Xmas lunch was just ok, but served with great reluctance by disinterested waters. Last year we had ‘traditional’ Xmas din-din at La Fonda. Again, uninspired food but better service in a very oddly over-lit dining room.

    One year we had New Year’s Eve dinner at Geronimos and we have never spent $500 so fast. I think we were out in 45 minutes. Will never go back, there are so many better for less in SF.

    Thanks for the other suggestions, will try Marias maybe Boxing day.

  12. For breakfast go to Tesuque Village Market. AMAZING! Good place for a celeb sighting if you think that’d be fun and it’s a beautiful ride just outside of SF.
    I also recommend Coyote Cafe and Pasquals. For excellent tapas (Santa Fe style) and some fun live music and dancing, hit El Farol up Canyon Road from Geronimo.

  13. Bobcat Bite and Maria’s will definitely be closed on Christmas day, but along with everyone else, I strongly recommend them.

    Geronimo and Santacafé may be open–those are my two favorites for fine dining anyway.

  14. les hall, Sorry to here you didnt enjoy your Anasazi Christmas,im not sure i was at the Helm..We are going to have a fabulous Christams this year and have some delicious menus im working on, please stop by! Chef Oliver