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Forget Work! Let’s Watch the Texas Rangers Make History

The Texas Rangers are one win away from owning the American League and competing in the World Series. (It felt weird to type that sentence.) That historic victory could take place THIS AFTERNOON. Game 5 of the ALCS starts at 3:00 this afternoon. I say we all call it a day at 2:59 and head somewhere to watch the game. Hey Dallas restaurants and bars, what have you got to offer us? Spill the details below. Let’s go, Rangers!

16 comments on “Forget Work! Let’s Watch the Texas Rangers Make History

  1. Quick, zappo, someone with an iPhone, use the ‘D Recommends’ app to tell us if there are dollar beers anywhere for the game.

  2. The Nodding Donkey?? They have so many TV’s, open at two! I do not know about drink specials!

  3. I’ve got my Lady of Lourdes Extreme Performance rosary beads in hand and will be working them over real good this afternoon.

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  4. And what do I care since I will be at work till 5:30, but just checked and the Donkey has: ‎$2 wells, $2 Select Drafts, $2 cans of—> budlime.budselect.fattire.dales.chubhub

    And I just like the place, I do not have any part in this place. Fun to have a place with a great big patio!

  5. Old Monk—open@ 2:30…Big screen and more—$1 off entire draught selection…$1 off well & call drinks—and Eric behind the bar…bring it!!!

  6. Wow…if Donkey truly does have Oskar Blues Old Chub and Dale’s Pale Ale, that’s a heck of deal for something worth drinking!

  7. The Libertine has its HH 4-7pm with Half Price Classic Cocktails like Mojito, Perfect Margarita or Dark n Stormy and $1 off all other drinks. If it’s not just a special you are after but a special beer we do have Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA and Avery Salvation and The Reverend on draught right now.

  8. Oh and I almost forgot! It’s $2.50 Texas Beer Night @The Libertine Bar. $2.50 for any Texas bred beer. Shiner, Lone Star, Rahr, St Arnold and Southern Star! Bottle, can or draught! GO RANGERS!!!!

  9. Guys, I just pulled that off the Nodding Donkey Facebook page… so I assume correct?

    GO CJ!

    Go Rangers Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!