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Send Us Recipes for Rangers Success

Even though Colby Lewis isn’t scheduled to pitch until game 6 (Friday), I’ve come up with a recipe for ColbyHambone Mac and Cheese. It’s a dish dedicated to my second favorite Ranger pitcher, Lewis, and outfielder Josh Hamilton. I’ve got several other Recipes for Rangers success in the works, but I’d like to hear yours. Then I’m going to gather them all up and send them to the NY Yankees PR staff. Hit it, sports chefs!

5 comments on “Send Us Recipes for Rangers Success

  1. Eff the Stupid Yankees Soup

    - 4 quarts bleach
    - 1 cup ipecac
    - 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed, raw
    - salt and pepper to flavor

    Serve as is, preferrably a few hours prior to first pitch

  2. Front of the house = Nolan Ryan
    Exec. chef = Jon Daniels
    Master mixologist = Ron Washington
    Master sommelier = Cliff Lee
    Crazy, wild-eyed, screaming, excited fan with Ranger’s jersey = Uncle Nancy

  3. Yankees Pie

    Use your favorite pie crust recipe, blind bake it, then stuff with a big black crow. Cover, bake, enjoy.