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Jason Kosmas Leaves Neighborhood Services Tavern in Dallas

Dallas-New-York-bartender-mixologist Jason Kosmas has left his post as general manager of Neighborhood Services Tavern. According to his former boss, Nick Badovinus, Kosmas is in New York, where he is still managing partner of Employees Only, to promote his new book Speakeasy. “Yeah, his last day was Saturday,” says Badovinus. “He’s a super guy and it’s awesome to see his success.”

Will Kosmas return to Dallas? Oh, I think so. Perhaps over the river? This dude’s got bartending in his blood. Anybody read the book?

5 comments on “Jason Kosmas Leaves Neighborhood Services Tavern in Dallas

  1. I moved to NYC just in time then. Hope the cocktail program at NST doesn’t suffer though…

  2. am enjoying the fact that Eats blog is touting itself as the new place where you can read about “the fresh-from-New York bartender who’s mixing the most amazing fall cocktails” at the very same time that SideDish is actually reporting on that fresh-from-New York bartender leaving his job

  3. Hah that’s so awesome. What is the deal with Eats? Are they changing their format? I thought they were going to make an announcement today.