Is Dallas Getting Hip? Food Trucks? Beer Breweries?

Think of the near future. In less than a month, we could be boasting about groovy food trucks, In N Out Burgers, authentic Italian food, and, according to Teresa Stay-Up-All-Night-Reporter Gubbins, a beer brewery in Deep Ellum. OH, and a World Series Championship ! What else could we possibly want? Mountains? Oceans? More taquerias?

3 comments on “Is Dallas Getting Hip? Food Trucks? Beer Breweries?

  1. Wonderful news on the brewery. Next step: repeal the Texas law that forbids brewers from self-distributing. That will allow our local breweries to also function as pubs and sell direct to the public (growlers, pony kegs, etc.), as well as allow dedicated homebrewers to upgrade to opening nano breweries without having to make an exclusive decision between operating exclusively as a brew pub or craft brewery.

    In other words, Texas brewers need to form a brewers association. With Real Ale, Franconia, Rahr, Live Oak, and now Deep Ellum adding to the established ranks of St. Arnold and others, there might finally be the critical mass for this kind of organization. If you can convince Shiner to join, you might actually have some weight in Austin where they will have to fight the large distribution companies. There are something like 23 breweries in Texas. There should be 23 in North Texas alone. This law inhibits that growth because it doesn’t allow operations to start small and grow, leveraging multiple revenue streams: pub sales, direct sales, and distribution sales.