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9 comments on “Burgesa Burger on Inwood in Dallas is Closed

  1. I wouldn’t give their Ft. Worth Avenue location In Oak Cliff a chance of staying open much longer, either. Never anyone there!

  2. Catalina Room closed unceremoniously a few months ago. I liked the place, but I think it had a bit of an identity crisis from the beginning. The dining room looked like fine dining, with the exception of the TVs in the booths, which looked more like a sports bar.

  3. Twinwillow: I own the Ft. Worth Ave location. We have no intention of closing. Our sales have steadily increased since we opened about 4 months ago. Not sure when you visited. Our lunch crowd is always good. We are working to attract more people from 6pm to 9pm. Within a couple of weeks finally we should have our beer/wine permit. I am an independent franchisee. The Franchisor owned the Inwood store. I believe they intend to re-open a replacement store somewhere in the general area. The drive-thru only aspect of that Inwood location likely was a limitation.

  4. Dale, thanks for the explanation. I probably shouldn’t have rushed to judgement. Believe me, I wish you only the best. Most of the time I pass by is during the 6-9 PM time slot and I never see anyone there. I’ll try to come by during lunchtime.

  5. Does the value of streamlining operations outweigh the message the closure sends to current and potential franchisees?

  6. Dale, I love your place on Ft. Worth Ave and hope you DO stay open. I stop by there after work to pick up dinner on the way home sometimes. Great burgers!