Tell the Yankees Where to Go. Eat.

The stinky New York Yankees are in town. They are staying at the Hotel Crescent Court. (Whoops, maybe I wasn’t supposed to print that.) If you dine in the area, keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, I’m sure A-Rod is sitting in his suite at the HCC checking SideDish for dining tips. So Arod, I suggest you go get some crab CLAWS at Campisi’s Egyptian. And perhaps you’ll find a nice place of ANTLERS at Y.O. Ranch. Gig ‘em, y’all.

UPDATE:  Thanks to our Twitter followers (DSideDish) for your spicy suggestions.

15 comments on “Tell the Yankees Where to Go. Eat.

  1. I strongly recommend the entire Yankees organization makes reservations at a new restaurant opening in Fort Worth, it’s called “My Ass”. All of their fans can eat “My Ass” as well.

  2. Well they will def be dining at Capital Grille. They always do. So if you want to “bump into” one of them, Capital Grille will be the place to be!!

  3. A very quick scan of the Food Inspection scores on the City Web site shows that Palomino at the Crescent had the lowest inspection score in that ZIP Code: 71. Eat, drink, and perhaps catch something.

  4. Ten bucks and a frozen bellini says in the next Alan Pepperd column he will mention that a Yankee ate at Bob Colombo’s place on McKinney ,so my money says

  5. Aww, they just need to pick up some snacks at 7-11.
    They’ll soon be flying home with their bats between their legs. Go Rangers!

  6. Well, after they won tonight’s game, they’d be smart if they stayed away from public places and eat in their hotel rooms.