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13 comments on “Food Feedback Friday!

  1. Had family in town and required to do the morning breakfast circuit.

    - I did not have a milkshake, but someone please tell me what is the attraction to Highland Park Pharmacy? What a complete waste of time! Marginal food in a place with questionable cleanliness. I don’t care how old the place is – not worth the time and don’t understand the notoriety or write-ups in magazines.

    - Another Broken Egg on Greenville – get the For Rent sign ready. Sad to see Two Rows leave yet happy to see a new opening. Way overpriced breakfast food! $15 breakfasts outside of the Village…no. And the Park City folks won’t go here. You can go across the street to Oasis for a much better breakfast without feeling like you are getting robbed. Plus, nearby soon to open IHOP will be the end for The Egg.

  2. Can someone explain to me why there is *always* a wait at La Duni at Northpark, even when there are tables open? I went with some family members at 1:45pm on Sunday, a time when the place was clearly not busy, and was told that there was a 15-20 minute wait. Fine, but after waiting, we were seated at an outside table that had been open the whole time we were waiting. Does their kitchen back up that much? I almost think they are trying to be more exclusive by making everyone wait. I watched a family of 5 being told the same thing – and turning around and leaving. Which is something I might do next time…

  3. Breadwinners in Plano – Dragged there against my will as my previous dining experiences at BW have been subpar. Ding! Ding! Ding! Breadwinners sucks again! Thankfully there are witnesses this time so BW killed off 4 more future customers.

  4. Lunch at The Mansion – the $32 prix fixe: Butternut Squash Soup, Cumin rubbed pork tenderloin with Napa cabbage slaw and a poached pear in Vanilla Panna Cotta. Good lordy . . that was good.

  5. Sushi Axiom. Was starving and wanted immediate patio seating. Should have known why there were empty seats. Not tasty. And I dropped $100. WTF?

  6. Commenters this week are TESTY!

    Don’t laugh…we tried Dominos pizza. The Brooklyn was acceptable, although too salty for our tastes. It probably goes down better with a strong coke or beer. The hand tossed was greasier and also overly salty.

    Two weeks ago, we went to Coal Vines for dinner. The pizza, as usual, was delicious. The service, sadly, was not. We hope it was just an off night. Love the valet guys there.

    Had lunch at Zoes on Lovers. Everyone in there is incredibly nice. Salad plates are enormous. The potato salad and slaw are stand outs.

    Had lunch at Corner Bakery. Their new egg salad is delicious–like the kind from an old-fashioned NY deli with lots of dill.

  7. Cane Rosso turned out a tasty clam pie and an always delicious Paulie Gee at Times Ten on Wednesday.

  8. Great dinner Sunday night at TruFire in Frisco. While Urban Crust and Fireside Pies have since replaced it as my go-to pizza joints, TruFire still delivers some of the best “Italian” food in DFW. (Quotations to emphasize that whatever authenticity the menu lacks is more than made up for in flavor).

    The Chicken Parmesan was stellar as always. It’s a classic dish elevated in every way. Rather than bathing in a noxious red sauce, the pounded-flat cutlet is fried and then set atop the pasta, retaining its crispiness from first bite to last. Then it’s topped with a sharp, peppery arugula salad and fresh shaves of Parmesan. Easily the best chicken Parm I’ve ever had.

    My wife went for the Chicken Whole Wheat Fusili, which surprised us with a devilish back-heat. That “fire charred spicy ragout” really delivered, and the pasta wasn’t leaden the way I usually find whole wheat pasta to be.

    Sadly budget-constricted, we didn’t split the caprese salad as per our usual. If you’ve never been to TruFire, the caprese is a first-visit must. Much like the Chicken Parm, this is the best I’ve ever had. The tomato and marinated mozzarella are great, but the house pecan pesto is the secret weapon. If they’d sell it to me, I’d happily buy that pesto and eat it with a spoon.

  9. Friday birthday celebration lunch with a GF on the patio at the Mansion. Everything was fantastic! She had the butternut squash soup & Kobe beef. I had the shrimp cocktail with horseradish panna cotta & the corn / shrimp ravioli with shrimp bolognese. We shared the ice cream trio.

    Friday night was the HPHS cheerleader supper supplied by Jack’s Burger House. What a fun event! Couldn’t believe the kids still wanted concessions at the game!

    Saturday lunch at Mi Cocina in HPV. Sunset mixed fajitas
    and queso blanco. 1st time to try that queso. Will stick to original from now on

    Long walk on the Katy Trail so cooled off in the AC at Highland Park Pharmacy. Just had some cold drinks

    Dinner was an appetizer platter put together from Whole Foods: olives, fruit, cheese, dolmas while we decorated for Halloween

    Sunday after flag football game we had a late lunch at Torchy’s Tacos. My 2nd time this week! Shared The Scarecrow, The Executive & the Baja Taco along with some fajitas. 4 people left super satisfied (with leftovers) for $33. Love that place!

    Sunday dinner at Houstons. Ribs. Delicious as always! Now for a week of atoning with LOTS of exercise!!

  10. What to say…one of my favorite little eatery’s is in the heart of N Dallas..Its called Oliver’s at Frankford rd and Tollway

    This pass weekend went their twice!!! Friday night stop by and got something to go…Sundried Tomatoe Pasta is to die for!! Also their Spicy Chicken Cilantro Pizza!

    Saturday after hitting they gym my wife had their specialty Maple Salad and I had their Healthy Special with is a grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and pasta with marinara!

    Just a place you all have to check out..its causal dining so no tipping which always helps and the food is great quality! All homemade from what I heard!

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