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First Food Truck to Appear Tonight in District Arts District in Dallas

Thanks to Veletta Forsythe Lill, executive director of the Dallas Arts District, for reminding us that tonight the Greenhouse Truck will be able to park and serve at the Art in October Spotlight Day: Museum Block Party. It all starts at 6:00PM. OMG, could downtown Dallas be on the road to hosting hip foodie trucks?

8 comments on “First Food Truck to Appear Tonight in District Arts District in Dallas

  1. So….
    I don’t understand what the deal is with Dallas and Foodtrucks. In NY they just drop a few coins in the meter, hand out some food, and then move to the next space.

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  3. Only a few of the MANY obstacles to food trucks in Dallas:

    Dallas City Code

    Chapter 17, Article VIII, Section F

    (F) A mobile food preparation vehicle must:
    (i) be operated only in a location where such operation is allowed by the Dallas Development Code;
    (ii) not sell or serve food on any public street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way;
    (iii) park only on an improved surface to sell or serve food;
    (iv) not stop for more than 60 consecutive minutes at any one location to sell or serve food and not sell or serve food from any one location for more than a total of three hours within any 24-hour period; or
    (v) be parked overnight only at its commissary or at another location approved by the director that does not violate any applicable city ordinance or state or federal law.

    Dallas Development Code


    (j) A person may use a conveyance as a building for food preparation from mobile vans and trucks provided:
    (1) the conveyance is only allowed in the CS, LI, IR, and IM districts;
    (2) the conveyance meets the standards of the Department of Environmental and Health Services;
    (3) the conveyance is operated as a temporary use which is accessory to the main use on the property for the purpose of cooking, wrapping, packaging, processing, or portioning ready-to-eat food for service, sale, or distribution; and
    (4) all required permits are obtained from the Department of Environmental and Health Services. (Ord. Nos. 19455; 19786; 20360; 21398; 21895; 22759; 23694)

    Commissary requirements:

    Mobile food vendor requirements:

    Texas Administration Code, selectively adopted in Dallas Code$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=25&pt=1&ch=229&rl=169

  4. OK

    So I guess that is why downtown is so exciting and vibrant. Such a shame. The only thing making money down there are the liquor stores. Someone needs to refocus. In NY we have some really exciting trucks, shocking pastry trucks, and a coffee truck call “Mudd Truck” with the best shot of expresso. The street bagels are amazing….. So fun.

  5. Finally!!! Ben (the chef the Greenhouse Truck) is the best … I first met him at Routh Street Cafe in the 80s… and he was the chef of Food Company forever. Can’t wait to get some of his delicious food!

  6. Maybe Mayor Tom will get on board and use some of his abilities to skirt city codes (see zoning/construction restrictions) and actually address the archaic city codes.
    Doesn’t he realize that all this new construction he touts brings workers in desperate need of food trucks. There’s a win-win for us.
    While he’s at it, maybe he can deal with all the City of Dallas B.S. the gals at Good to Go Taco are currently dealing with.