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Catching Up With Ricky Avila at MexTopia in Dallas

Earlier this year Ricardo (Ricky) Avila moved from the original Avila’s on Maple to open a his own restaurant on lower Greenville Avenue following a legal kerfuffle with other member of his family.

In this video he talks about his new restaurant MexTopia and the upcoming Taste of Greenville Avenue.

6 comments on “Catching Up With Ricky Avila at MexTopia in Dallas

  1. How’s the budget, can you guys possibly afford a decent microphone for your video camera? Audio is video, as they say.

  2. That video is useless. I can’t understand what the subject is saying.

    Why would you post it?

  3. It doesn’t cost anything to conduct an interview indoors. Y’all need to compare this with what City of Ate is doing. Today has a cooking lesson on pork rillettes from Brian Luscher. Why doesn’t Side Dish step up and deliver content of that quality?

  4. This isn’t so bad it’s good, it’s just plain bad. For a website that thinks it so greatly popular. How much is a friggin’ windscreen anyway?

  5. I’m just happy to see that Mr. Chalk is using a new, higher resolution camera. Much, much better video now.