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There’s MoMo’s … and Then There’s MoMo Italian Specialties

OK, Dallas. There’s something that needs clearing up: MoMo Italian Specialties on Forest (awesome) is not the same as MoMo’s Pasta on Knox. I know, I know, they have the same name (they used to be affiliated). However, after the split, MoMo Italian Specialties on Forest (a.k.a. the original) retained the on-site fresh pasta making rights, the traditional recipes, and the loyalty of a devoted group of foodies who’d rather you didn’t know about it lest they not be able to get a table on a Friday night.

jump with me; here’s where it get’s really interesting…

MoMo Italian Specialties' breasola

Why is this important? Because, as I found out last weekend, MoMo Italian Specialties on Forest is a delightful, old-school, BYOB hole-in-the-wall, a perfect place to go with old friends, drink too much wine, and stuff yourselves on bresaola (thinly sliced cured beef), mozzarella campagnola (smoked mozzarella with radicchio, pink peppercorns, and balsamic vinegar), and spinach gnocchi. Need I mention that a mini-grocery off the dining room sells all sorts of take-home pleasures.

Consider yourself schooled, the holder of the answer to one of Dallas’ most quizzical WTFs. Because while the mix-up has worked out well for those who knew the difference, the rest of us needed to be let in on the secret.

13 comments on “There’s MoMo’s … and Then There’s MoMo Italian Specialties

  1. Thank you. I liked MoMo’s in Deep Ellum but I think the one on K-H is really bad. Like putrid, really. Can’t understand why they’re still around.

  2. The one in Addison is with the Knox-Henderson restaurant.
    No comparison with the Forest Lane restaurant.

    The original MoMo and his sons Matteo and Darwin owned the MoMo’s in Preston Center East (now closed) and the original MoMo’s on Forest Lane. Now the sons own the Forest Lane location and consistently produce wonderful Italian food – the Gus family does takeout from there once a week.

    Now the secret is out.

  3. OHHHH, i wish i read this two nights ago, i visited the one in addison, and got so depressed: the food, the atmosphere, the…IDK??? anyway, good service, but so does mickey d’s.
    @ samantha – turn your computer off next time you read something you already know.

  4. It’s not “old info” to me…it’s useful. Thanks for the clarification Sarah. Everything named Momo had become “so-so” to me but I had forgotten about Forest. Hurray.

  5. I love MoMos on Forest. I havent been in ages. Thank you for clarifying and reminding me of what a great place it is. BYOB…gotta love it!

  6. Sarah, thanks for the reminder! The service at K/H is abominable from the moment you walk through the door. The food is right there as well.