Surprise: Garza’s VIP Launch Left Me Cold and Hungry

Quel spread.

Perhaps the dial on my coolness meter was set too low last night, but in spite of the fact that the spread at Lisa Garza’s Taste VIP launch party was a visual delight, the event left me hungry for more – more warmth, more information, and even a modicum of  interaction from Ms. Garza who seemed preternaturally affixed to a gaggle of suited men instead of the media her PR reps invited to cover the story. (I received more practical information and more love from the folks at Delta Charlie’s on Wednesday.)


That being said, Ms. Garza did put together a fetching demo spread and cut a stylish figure in her vintage togs and pompadour. The South Side on Lamar location may be a bit too dicey for the upscale clientele she hopes to attract, but then again, this could be an aspect of Ms. Garza’s reinvention that (eventually) finds its legs and surprises us all.

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Ms. Garza chats up the suits (left); guests Brian Somers and Lauren Peters (right)

5 comments on “Surprise: Garza’s VIP Launch Left Me Cold and Hungry

  1. Not a good look and a bad location. Where are the overpriced aprons she was peddling six months ago? What about the overpriced Kids Etiquette Lessons? What’s next a yogurt or cupcake shop?

  2. I give up-who are Brian Somers and Lauren Peters? More importantly, what do they bring to the food blog? Are they dynamic up and coming chefs? or is it more eye candy. we are becoming accustomed to over on frontburner? If so, leave them there.