Chef Sara Johannes Leaves the Kitchen of Five Sixty in Dallas

Johannes is staying in Puck’s company but is relocating to California to be execuchef at “the group’s flagship regime.” Patton “Pat” Robertson, the executive sous since the restaurant opened in 2009, will be promoted. Chef Roberston is from Marble Falls, Texas.

10 comments on “Chef Sara Johannes Leaves the Kitchen of Five Sixty in Dallas

  1. I hear she was a real witch to work with, and treated the latin-american back-room staff/contractors poorly.

  2. what exactly is “the group’s flagship regime.”?
    A restaurant? Corporate office? Spago? Cut? Chinois?

  3. Why don’t you ask Sara where she’s going? She shared the news with me last week in LA at Wolf’s Wine & Food fest but I was sworn to secrecy. It’s pretty exciting stuff. Dallas will sorely miss her. You’re right, Twinwillow, cute – and I would add extremely talented. Demanding? yes. Witch? never.

  4. I will be one to certainly miss chef Johannes in Dallas. I heard about this a few weeks ago and have been grumpy since. Our loss is LA’s gain. She is a genuine wonderful woman and the few times I was able to speak with her was nothing short of delightful.

    We will miss you, chef.

  5. @ Glenn Campbell – You “hear” she’s a witch? I “hear” you need to get a life!