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More Details on Monica Greene’s New Bishop Arts District Restaurant: BEE

As I mentioned on Saturday, Monica Greene arrived back in Dallas last week and she’s already got her next restaurant concept under construction. She is transforming the former The Quinn spot (202 West Davis) into BEE (Best Enchiladas Ever). Her idea is to take traditional enchiladas and present them as an inspiration for creative a fast-casual “enchiladeria.” She’s hoping the BEE prototype will “spread throughout the metroplex with various locations, south to Houston and West to California inside malls, shopping centers or airports.”

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CONCEPT B.E.E. will be designed specifically to match the eclectic tastes of people working, playing and living close by the Bishop Arts District. This concept is based on the radically new eating, drinking and socializing habits of our Texas culture. The idea is to create a hip, harmonious and flowing space for this fast-food casual restaurant.

Enchiladas, a centuries-old tradition in Mexico and more recently Texas, are part of the
fiber of life in Dallas natives appetites. Yes, Tex-Mex is legendary for its enchiladas, but too often they have been overlooked as a source of inspiration on American fast food casual restaurants.

But that won’t be the case any longer.

B.E.E.will be a prototype for a new kind of eatery. The first location is the key. Hopefully for us, eventually this new concept of the “Enchiladeria” will spread throughout the metroplex with various locations, south to Houston and West to California inside malls, shopping centers or airports.

Enchiladas traditions are fascinating, and are well adapted to our American lifestyle. As
an integral part of our concept the same initial menu for lunch and dinner will be served.
Breakfast menus are being considered.

“Taquerias” as we call them in Spanish is a word not everyone understood years ago
in America. Now taquerias are everywhere and the word is used widely. I hope that soon, the word “Enchiladeria” will be also be recognized and will catch on as a fun place to buy great food, spend some time while drinking beer or enjoying a great handmade margarita.

“To-Go” fresh handmade enchiladas will bring new life to home entertainment. To-go
meal replacements entrees, a refrigerated case with homemade salsas and chaffing dishes
for office parties and other events will be a big part of the restaurant-enchiladeria total sales.
Plans to woo the customer to the restaurant-enchiladeria, does not stop with good
food, but include a unique fast food concept for Mexican and Tex-Mex food, with a functional and attractive design.

The dining room will be functional , modern and will only hint Mexico with feature inlaid Mexican mosaic patterns and whitewashed walls. Big windows will “invite” and “tempt” the would-be-customers in, like “ bee’s to honey”. An interior ordering line will serve as a focal point in an inviting dining room.The ceiling will feature wood beams. The old and the new will be blended in extraordinary fashion to create a relaxed dining room serving intensely flavored and HUGE enchiladas of all kinds, some tacos and tortas. Tex-Mex and Mexican style luncheons and dinners. The visible “fire station” will house a grill and a tortilla making station.

10 comments on “More Details on Monica Greene’s New Bishop Arts District Restaurant: BEE

  1. ugh, wow. i havent read such a load of crap since Mextopia had some press releases out.

    it’s gross. this kind of corporate cluelessness and come-lately thing is the last thing OC/Bishop Arts needs.


  2. Quinn’s building is listed in one review I read once as being the ‘historic Long John Silver’ circa mis 70s. If that doesn’t make you feel old nothing can. To Monica, I am always open minded when you open anything.
    Welcome home.

  3. The idea of freshly made enchiladas sounds like it could be ok if she has a creative approach to the sauces, but I am baffled at the “to-go” part of this. Anyone who cooks Mexican food knows that enchiladas are only good when made to order. If they sit around for even a few minutes, it all breaks down and becomes a mushy / chewey mess (a la King Ranch Casserole). When people try to have catered Mexican food and serve enchiladas, the chafing dish usually looks like a crime scene. When she first announced “Distrito” it sounded like it would be a fun place, BEE is not quite as exciting as I can get good enchiladas at about dozen places within a mile of the old Quinn.

  4. This sounds every bit as “can’t miss” as her last disaster, something about a nationwide chain of Mexican bakery/breakfast joints.
    Why do these people always emphasize “going national” before they even open one store, instead of focusing on the quality of the food. The public will decide the national scope some half baked promoter. And btw, whoever the PR firm is on this deal needs to know that “going national” doesn’t make me want to go there any more than I want to go to an IHOP or Wendy’s, and never once has a “going national” announcement before even opening one store ever panned out. The landscape is littered with local failures like Urban Bistro, Picardys, Sfuzzi, Zuzu, Mediterraneo, Taqueria Cañonita, etc etc and they all had way better concepts and kitchen talent than BEE. Bee serious, pleez. Investors in BEE should donate their money instead to a non-profit of their choice. That way they get the tax deduction this year instead of waiting for next year’s total write-off.

  5. Why not have an Enchilada/Bar? A great bar that sells enchiladas to order. You pick from say twenty ingredients, flour or corn, etc etc Served with cold cerveza. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

    Just get rid of that ugly fluorescent kitchen light that made Quinn so yucky.

    Don’t start me off on lighting. Jeez.

  6. Hmm, when a horribly written press release can kill a restaurant before it’s doors are even open!

    Could there BEE (sorry) “any” “more” “quotes” in this release?

    “Taquerias” as we call them in Spanish…okay, maybe if you were writing this release for upstate NY, but that’s an insult to Texans – DUH, we know what a taqueria is!

  7. Kudos to Monica! I’ve been a long time fan and excited to have her in the neighborhood! Hurry up and open so I can get my enchilada on! Supr