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12 comments on “In-N-Out to Open at Caruth and Central

  1. tough location…i would have thought Steak and Shake would have done better there.

    PS why DIDN’T steak and shake work out in dallas? Midwesterners are just as passionate about S&S as califorians are for I&O.

  2. Because these chains don’t survive if us Texans don’t embrace them. In and Out Burger will learn this lesson as well……………

  3. this place will kill all others. Do 1 thing and do it the BEST. In and Out has embraced this , and it is FANTASTIC. When it is a hit with locals in Vegas it will be a hit in Dallas

  4. That Steak and Shake had the WORST management! We tried and tried it – but finally gave up- slow slow bad inattentive service and subpar food. With good management and their usual high quality food, In and Out should do well! Can’t wait….

  5. S&S’s food is terrible. Who wants to eat a burger you can see through?

    Terrible location for INO if it’s over there by Chipotle and Chick Fil A. Not enough parking and insanely crowded as it is now. And the traffic on the service road or Greenville should be fun the first 6 months.

  6. @sam
    The CFA on central is the highest grossing Chick Fil A franchise in the United States, so… maybe terrible from a traffic stance, but certainly not from a business stand point.

  7. I tried that Steak and Shake location a few times and the service was horrendous. The last time I went, we waited for the waitress to return to the table after giving us our menus. Waited 15 minutes then left. There were people at other tables that were literally flagging down the wait staff just to get their attention. Good riddance!

    In and Out should do ok at this location. But as someone else has said, the traffic is going to be a mess since there’s not too much room for parking.

  8. S&S doesn’t even really do that well in the Midwest. They fall into a restaurant no-man’s land because they aren’t true fast food but are a step down from fast-casual chains that have grown so much since the early 90′s. Yet their prices rival chains like Chili’s and Applebees. Also, their chili isn’t true Texas chili which probably hurts them down here.

    Love their fries and shakes though!

  9. That might seen like a bad location, but all one has to do is drive by Chic-Fil-A at lunch and know that if you have a great product, people will come in droves.

    Steak N Shake did not have a good product.

  10. About time, between Cains, CFA and In and Out I’ll need to make an appointment to see my 17 year old.

  11. Wow, another fast-foot burger joint. Ate at one in San Francisco and my ambivalence was overwhelming. I’ll mark that under “who gives a s***”.