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Monica Greene to Open BEE in Oak Cliff

Monica Greene will open BEE (Best Enchiladas Ever) in Oak Cliff in December. The build-your-own “enchiladeria” will focus on fresh ingredients. The “hip and harmonic” space will also feature salsas, guacamole, and othe Tex-Mex favorites to eat in or take out. Details later.

8 comments on “Monica Greene to Open BEE in Oak Cliff

  1. might this possibly be at the corner of Bishop and Davis? Noticed the space was empty last night…

  2. I thought of her the minute I read today’s DMN about all the new, fancy, chef-driven “real Mexican” places opening up, as if they were the first to think of it.

  3. @Sammy – Was at Monica’s Aca (et al) about 3 weeks ago), what’s new about “real Mexican”, when this place has been consistently serving up such for so long? Maybe something else at the DMN is newish?

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