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10 comments on “Fort Worth To Get an In-N-Out Burger

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  3. It is the second coming of Christ, if Christ had a burger fixation. Better burgers through out town, I give INO a big “whogivesaratsass”. I have had the INO a few times and each time I was not thrilled.

  4. It’s all about the burger you grew up with. My friends who are West Coast transplants are thrilled. I just don’t see INO or Whataburger… comparing to the high end burger joints. Give me Kenny’s, Maple Burger, Twisted Root, Love Burger ….

  5. @irodguy: I can see your point but the thing is, out west (and soon, here) you can go anywhere and find an INO Burger. They’re like gas stations. Everywhere! When you need one, they’re there. Mind you, I’m not comparing quality now. Just, availability!

  6. In N Out has some competition at that location. Love Shack is a couple blocks away and a Ft Worth institution, Fred’s, is a stones throw away.

  7. As a Southern California transplant now living in Tulsa, OK, it’s given me another reason to visit the Lone Star State. Once you have an In-N-Out Burger, with the fries, you’ll understand.