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20 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. My wife and I went the Holy Grail Pub in Plano for lunch last Weekend. I ordered the Eggs Benedict from their Brunch Menu. Overcooked poached eggs over an overcooked buttermilk biscuit. The hash browns were really good though. I would definitely not recommend it.

    Their dinner menu is pretty darn tasty though.

  2. @Neal, too bad about the brunch. I agree with you that dinner is usually excellent at the Holy Grail.

    Visited Pecan Lodge in Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market last Saturday after hearing some pretty big talk from such trusted names as Steven Doyle and the BBQ Snob. As usual, their words are truth.

    The brisket at Pecan Lodge puts any other I’ve had in DFW to absolute shame. It’s the best brisket I’ve ever had. Juicy, incredibly smoky, and fatty the way good brisket is meant to be. When we asked for the fattier end, the cashier lamented that so many of their customers still asked for trimmed meat. Sauce comes on the side, and it’s pretty good, but not at all necessary.

    The mac’n’cheese is good, too; better than the cafeteria mac that (let’s be honest) it looks like. Didn’t try the ribs, though. After reading multiple reviews play UP the brisket and DOWN the ribs, we skipped’em and shared a pound of brisket instead.

    Best part is, after gorging yourself on the city’s best brisket, you can hope over the the produce stands for a cheap, healthy dessert. The strawberries, pineapple and late-season peaches were excellent.

  3. Went to Nosh last night. The standout was the ahi tuna tartar with jonah crab and yuzu. The yuzu really elevated the dish. The famous “cigars?” Meh. Overall however, the decor, food, service, and great prices earned this place a spot in the rotation.

    Also went to Perry’s Steakhouse. Great food, but the bar was spectacular. I was pleasantly surprised.

  4. Went to Nova… had their new soft shell crab appetizer – sublime! Their new cocktails are super too – I had a Hendricks gin martini with basil and ginger. Pizzas are outstanding, of course – we had the shrimp and the spinach. Oh, and hummus too. I guess we pigged out. :-)

  5. Tei An last night for dinner. Had the jewelry box. Was craving the white seaweed salad, but wanted sushi. Best way to enjoy a little bit of everything, and it’s reasonably priced.

  6. Urban Taco – loved it! The atmosphere at night for some reason made me feel like I was in Cabo. I also loved their tacos!

  7. Pretty quiet week on the restaurant-front for me.
    Palomino on Tuesday – average. Scratch that… below-average.
    Kirby’s Woodfired Grill last night – much better than I expected. Had the Garden of Eden (vodka, lime and lemon juice, basil, simple syrup), short ribs with demi, grits with my cheese. Awesome. Then some wine and good conversation. Perfect for a mid-week dinner.

  8. Went to Eddie V’s last night, and it was SUPERB! Started with tuna tartar (delicious), followed by crab-stuffed shrimp, which I would highly recommend. We had truffle mac and cheese as a side, which was amazing, and we finished off the meal with Banana’s Foster. This could be my new favorite dessert in Dallas…and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for bananas. It was a moist, gooey, delicious cake that was served flaming! It was heavenly.

  9. Dream Cafe – Yay Austin Tacos!!!

    Sushi on McKinney – Good food, even better conversations

    Chik Filet – For an in between kid’s sports chicken nugget fix & rocking good iced tea

    Holy Ravioli – Awesome take out, great prices & a super nice owner!

  10. Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill — my first visit to any of the Neighborhood locations. Went late on a weeknight, actually got in. Nice place, good food, steak and swordfish, a touch too salty.

    Ino’s — a usual, for lunch, always excellent.

    Kazy’s — also a first visit, Ramen for lunch, a lot of fun.

  11. Went to Nova last night and had a great evening. We had the udon noodles, mushroom pizza, and the strip as entrees (dont miss the lamb appetizer) . All were delish! Cocktails were well crafted but the wine list left much to be desired. I will definitely go back for the food. Hopefully next time the service will be better!

  12. Fearing’s on Thursday night; just a small hint for all of the OpenTable members; Thursdays is a 1000 point night at Fearing’s.
    New menu just started Thursday; wife had Bay of Fundy Salmon with an asian glaze; and I had a smoked roasted pheasant breast with Gun Barrell City greens.
    Great food, Great service, and finish with banana and vanilla wafer pudding, Great dessert.

  13. JR’s Grill, Colleyville – great Prime Rib sandwich and fries. This new place is definitely worth a try.

    Dodie’s Seafood Cajun Diner – authentic Fried Shrimp Po Boy and fries. Almost made me think I was in the big easy!

    Cafe Italia, Grapevine – great Linguine Olio and Veal Piccata. The next best thing to the food here is that you can bring your own wine!

  14. Went to Nosh last night. Avocado crostini appetizer was tasty as were the fried oysters, but my entree of pan roasted chicken was dry and the two desserts we tried were just eh. Might give it another shot to try some more menu items, but not that impressed after one experience.

  15. Checked out Fuzzy Tacos on Mockingbird. Food was meh. Weather was pleasant, so we sat outside. Ambience elevated the experience, but it’s hard to screw up a Coca-Cola.

    Neighborhood Services last Saturday. Had the bone-in ribeye. For the price, it was ok. I made a last minute palate change and, though I nixed Bob’s earlier in the night, I chased a steak fix and wound up content but not astounded.

  16. Back to NOSH last night. Hangar steak was as tenderas a prime filet, wife had diver scallops and raved over them.

  17. Went to Nova last night and had a great time. Very entertaining people watching and the food was fabulous. Had the Jamaican beer can chicken, which was falling off the bone tender and infused with a wonderful flavor, and the Thai-inspired NY strip steak. Both were lick your plate good. The hummus was worthy of the rave reviews I’ve read elsewhere. The service was a little *too* relaxed. To wit, our waiter seemed surprised we wanted dessert and didn’t seem terribly familiar with what the desserts actually were. On the other hand, he was very friendly and that was really the only trip-up the whole night. Here’s hoping that Nova doesn’t get overrun by dbags like Bolsa has.

  18. Went to Neighborhood Services on Wednesday and everything was great, as usual. I had halibut, my husband steak and my mom salmon. Tried a new place in Grapevine last night “Cork It” and it was great. We will definitely be going back.

  19. Tried Cafe R + D or R+D Kitchen or whatever last week. Uninspired menu, unfriendly waitstaff, and extra items delivered to our table that we didn’t order, but we were sure asked to pay for them!
    I just don’t get the cheese dip or why I had to practially beg for a few extra chips for the guacamole.
    Oh well!

  20. Been loving Dive in Snyder Plaza. mmmmm… fresh grouper ceviche, killer mussels with chorizo and grilled bread for sopping up the sauce, and outstanding u-10 scallops that were perfectly cooked and served with a citrus beurre blanc sauce and cilantro rice. Getcha some!