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What is Your Favorite Best New Restaurant?

Timmy and I were just talking about new restaurants. He has some old Dallas friends coming back to town and they want to hit some places “that have opened in the last year.” I gave him a few but my list was short. I’ll tell you my picks if you tell me yours. Big or small. Expensive or cheap. Doesn’t matter. He (thinks) he is taking the company credit card.

31 comments on “What is Your Favorite Best New Restaurant?

  1. I ate at Nova in Oak Cliff last night, only open for 6 weeks but it was fabulous. My husband and I shared the hummus which by far is the best I’ve had anywhere in Dallas. I had the Udon noodle dish and my husband had the pork chop, both meals were cooked to perfection. They have a good variety but not a over-complicated menu. We had three coctails, a bottle of wine with our meal and the total bill was $94.00. We felt a real bargin for the quality of service, and food we received.

  2. I second Nova…have been there 3 times and wish I lived closer – the Vietnamese-style NY strip with the tomato ginger sauce is my favorite so far – and the wines by the glass are reasonably priced – a very calm and welcoming place -

  3. my new faves:
    1. Bolsa/ nice food, great service
    2. Meddlesome Moth: Great beer list, good food, excellent service
    3. Neighborhood Services: best meal I’ve had out this year, soft shell crab tacos.

    go early, no wait.

  4. I really enjoy Park, Common Table and Urban Taco. I know UT has been open in Mockinbird Village for a while now, but their new location just rocks, and the food is amazing.

  5. Current squeezes include:

    1. Neighborhood Services Tavern – my favorite outpost in Chef Nick’s empire of excellence. The quality of the food competes handily with big names like Abacus, Stephan Pyles and Fearing’s, but at a much more humble price point.

    2. Urban Crust – awesome pizza joint in downtown Plano stands up to any other pie in town.

    3. Torchy’s Tacos – “authenticity” is a mask-work for “uncreative”. Torchy’s brings something NEW to Dalls, and for that we thank you.

    4. Pecan Lodge BBQ – one bite of Pecan Lodge’s superb brisket and you’re a convert for life. Located at the Dallas Farmers Market, it’s a fun place to take foodies.

    5. Ruth Ellen’s – tasty southern joint in Allen, so old school they have the balls to PAN-FRY their chicken-fried steak. Great banana pudding, too.

  6. I clicked to say Nova too, but I guess I was beaten to the punch.

    The Moth is also terrific.

    Can I say Lucia now (even though it hasn’t opened yet)?

  7. In case anyone wants to come to the (817), Bon Appetit Magazine named Ellerbe’s Fine Food on Magnolia Street as one of the 10 Best New Restaurants of the year. And yes, it is good!

  8. I love Nova as well, but I’d also like to throw Ristorante Nicola out there. Especially if he’s on the company credit card.

  9. Park, Samar, Neighborhood Services Tavern. All have unique menus at (relatively) low price points. Especially love the sangria and Sweet & Salty pizza at Park, Spanish chorizo y papas con foie gras at Samar, and the Brown Derby salad at NST.

  10. As stated above, Samar and the Neighborhood Services Trilogy are good choices… and the Moth is worth checking out (more for beer than for food). Il Cane Rosso would have been good in the Preston/Forest location, but I’ve heard that they’re not quite as spectacular at Times Ten. Royal Sichuan in Richardson… I’m not sure when they opened exactly but I personally found out about them in the past year. I haven’t been yet, but Nosh sounds like a good candidate.

    How about Fuego – does that count? The restaurant (Pyles) has been around for a while, but Fuego is a completely different experience.

  11. Gipson runs a quality list that I will concur with.

    I was at Nova this week and Kelly Hightower exudes quality.

    Samar is fun and ever changing – but not too much change. Will be there tonight no doubt (Wednesdays are Fundays on the patio).

    Uygur’s Lucia will probably open near the end of October. He said he wouldn’t commit to an exact date because he didn’t want to feel rushed, and wants everything perfect (a Uygur trademark). He has been working a lot of events to preview and play with some of the ever changing menu items Lucia will feature. This last 48 Nights he did a homemade spaghetti with a Uygur-made N’Guja and a soft sous-vide egg. The sausage was spicy and soft to serve as a sauce when combined with the egg where the white was as soft as the yolk (even though it was cooked for 30 minutes).

    I ramble. Lots of good new places. Hit ‘em all.

  12. As @Gavlist stated, II Cane Rosso is really my favorite new (ish) spot. I’ll be much happier when they find a permanent home. I tried the Tims Ten location but their menu was limited compared to Preston Forest and I miss the BYOB. I second everyone on Neighborhood Services. Love it — just wish they would have made the bar way bigger.

  13. Samar. Does Teiann make the cutoff date?

    otoh the Moth is a neat scene and the beer is good. But the food? Yech! I wrote it off completely after one visit. We tried a half dozen things in close consultation with the server. Some of the items — a pot pie for example — was simply disgusting. At best the items — the pita chips and hummus, for example, — were merely uninspiring. I’m awfully surprised by the enthusiasm for the food there from this extremely discerning, usually impeccably correct Sidedish crowd. I know I could try it again, but there are so many other places that i don’t have the heart to throw good tums after bad.

  14. Il Cane Rosso (former North Dallas location) is the best new thing I tried this year. I can’t wait till they find a permanent location. And I am so hoping it’s BYOB.

    I’ll echo the love for Neighborhood Services Tavern. Best cocktails ever.

    I’m with Tr on the Moth. Great beer menu, fun scene, but the food was mediocre at best. Meant to go back but forgot it existed even though I work right down the street. I guess that says it all.

  15. Was back at Nova last night and sampled their soft shell crab with an Asian influenced thang going on – very delicious. Also had the new pork chop entree on grits – another super dish. I ordered well which was probably wrong, could have been medium well.

    They also serve everything piping hot which, for me, is really important – feels like it’s fresh from the grill. And yes the hummus is that good.

  16. You know, I didn’t think the food at MM was great, I thought it was good. I listed it mainly because the ambiance was great, the beer list was great, and the service was great. We had appetizer type dishes, small plates and they were all fine.

    I’ve got to try Nova. Sounds terrific. How are the crowds?

  17. Thanks, Steven.

    I’m glad to see all the love for Neighborhood Services. I thought the foodies had abandoned it for being too busy/trendy/popular. Sounds like I definitely need to get out to Nova and fast!

  18. It’s been open a year now, but I still feel that I haven’t experienced the entire menu. The service is great, and everyone is friendly. You see the same faces in there, and I don’t know how long this little secret will be just that. Thank you Mario for your years of hard work.

  19. I’m with all of you on the Moth. The beer and atmosphere (at the bar, anyway) make the place worth visiting. The food varies considerably – both from dish-to-dish and from visit-to-visit.

    But I give them credit for being ambitious and visionary – they have the right idea, just not the correct execution yet. They keep experimenting with new dishes (butter poached squid on special last week) and changing the old ones (sweetbreads have been revamped), so there’s hope that they’ll get it right eventually.

  20. Speaking of new, whatever came of the “beer boutique” with Texas-brewed beer and food that I read on side dish was slated to open at midway and lovers in September?? I haven’t seen any sign of a potential location.

  21. Samar is excellent and very reasonable (downright cheap for lunch). It might be too old, but Eno’s is great as well. Avila’s Mextopia is also very good.

  22. I would really like to hear from someone about the Vietnamese restaurants out on Walnut/Shiloh. Are they any new ones that are really worth checking out.

  23. As far as one I eat at the most = Torchy’s

    But I would kill to have Neighborhood Services open for lunch (love it for dinner but the crowds kill me).

  24. cbs: Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill is supposed to open for lunch at some point… I just called, and they said about “a month or so”.

  25. Both have been open for over 1 year, but for great views and wonderful food, 560 or Nana, if only for drinks and the sunset.

  26. Staci,

    Nick Griffin’s Texas beer boutique(I think he was going to call it City Tavern or somesuch) has hit some issues with permits…parking codes in particular…he’s struggling trying to work something out with the city and as we all know that can be a losing battle most of the time…but he is still hoping to find a way to get it done