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Single Gourmet in Dallas Closes

Eight years ago,  Ed Bamberger thought it would be fun to organize events where single people could mingle over dinner. Once you joined the group, there wasn’t any “first date” awkwardness or pressure to impress the man or woman sitting next to you. Everyone who attended Ed’s Single Gourmet events already had two things in common: they were single and they loved food.

Over the years, Ed has organized dinner parties, cooking classes, cocktail parties, and travel excursions. “It gave me great pleasure to organize over 500 events,” says Bamberger. “I’m happy that many friendships and relationships developed.”

With a heavy heart, Ed (  has closed Single Gourmet.

Well, dang. What is going to happen to all of us who are single and like gourmets? Where shall we play? Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Meet me here. I guarantee there will be love.

7 comments on “Single Gourmet in Dallas Closes

  1. There are lots of food or mostly food meetup groups. These are necessarily just for singles, however most of the members are single.

  2. Perhaps there are Meetup groups, but no one could come close to creating professional events with co-developed, balanced menus, like Mr. Bamberger.

  3. As a former member of Mr. Bamberger’s group, I think it’s totally unfair to post Meetup suggestions without having attended one of his dinners. He developed special menus and always sat us with people we like. At Meetup, you guys just go out to dinner! I’ve tried Meetup and it’s “nothing special.”

  4. Let’s not forget, he always had a stipulation in his contract that the restaurants comp his meal for bringing a group in. So the guy never pays for dinner and he still can’t afford to stay open? Never liked the guy, thought of him as sly, and not in a good way.

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