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Food Feedback Friday

On August 9, I announced this new feature to SideDish. My timing couldn’t have been worse. Restaurant Week swallowed up the next four Fridays. However, the local restaurant business is back to whatever normal is these days and this morning we’re back with our newish Food Feedback Friday. I ask you to pay attention to what and where you eat and rant or rave on Fridays. Here’s your chance to spill more than the beans.

11 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Last night I sought comfort food in Richardson after a dinner coping failure. I realized that Chang Jing Korean BBQ would get me exactly what I needed.
    Dolsot bibimbap, without the beef: Rice and many veggies in a sizzling hot pot, with an egg on top and hot sauce. Served with miso soup and banchan (8 different little side dishes for many tastes) by friendly and competent people. The cinnamon tea afterward settled the copious quantities of tasty food.
    Even the bathroom is lovely.
    This has become one of my favorite places.

  2. Trekked out to Farmers Branch last night with the wife to try Yourway Burgers, a snappy little joint that I might criticize for trying to be fancy if the burgers weren’t so good.

    It’s a BYO concept. At the ordering counter you fill out a laminated order sheet customizing your burger. Select your type and weight of patty, bun, cheese, premium toppings and sides, all mix-and-match and how you like it. Uniquely, you may also add “infused” toppings, which are select ingredients worked into the meat, Marble Slab-style.

    I noticed the “Signature” cheeseburger (two patties stuffed with cheese) too late to order it, but I’ll definitely be back to give it a shot. Can it even come close to Minneapolis’s legendary Jucy Lucy?

    Anyway, the burger was good, even very good. Best as I can tell, my “infused” mushrooms added no flavor whatsoever, but the patty was moist and meaty nonetheless. My onion bun was fresh and held up the half-pound patty well, and they even have Dijon mustard if you’re not a fan of big yellow.

    Most importantly, it wasn’t cooked to death. I asked for medium, I got medium. How rare that is!

    It doesn’t stand among the area’s best burgers, but there’s enough variety and style to warrant a look. A bit of a drive from East Allen, but I’ll be back.

  3. Recently had a lovely dinner for a large group at Bugatti’s tucked away on W. Northwest Highway near Lemmon/Marsh. It is one of the best places to go for a private party when you don’t need to see and be seen. Great service, great value.

  4. A regular week for us; one dinner at MiCocina, not my favorite, but the margaritas are great.
    Also, stopped by Jake’s for a cheeseburger, one of the best in town. And, the jalapeno bottle caps, they are so good it is hard to stop eating; but they are caliente.

  5. Couldn’t wait to try Zaguan for the first time for breakfast, solo. The whole experience was colored/ruined by lackadaisical service. I walked in, no one caught my eye or greeted me. Had to read all the signs hanging around to see the one that said to seat yourself. The two wait persons passed me, made eye contact but didn’t smile or in any other way acknowledge me. After about five minutes (a long time if you’re sitting alone) I walked up to the counter and took the menu there back to my table so I could start checking it out. My waitress saw me do that, and she then picked up a menu by her work station, handed me the IDENTICAL menu and then took the one I took from the counter BACK to the counter. Never much in personal interaction, although she was really friendly to a couple cute guys who came in.

    I had been interested in trying Zaguan’s lunch and dinner menu also but it left such a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended)that I probably won’t try the place again.

  6. York Street last night: It had been ages since I’d had the pleasure. What word means the “high side of perfection” because that’s what it was.

  7. I am just so impressed that most comments are positive. Just when it was beginning to seem that all people want in these forums is an opportunity to anonymously complain, rant, rave and spew venom, you nice people share some pleasant dining experiences.

  8. We went to Smoke for brunch on Saturday. We loved it. Hub had the griddle cake with ham steak and Dr. Pepper red-eye gravy. I went with the pulled pork Benedict. All of it was great. The Bloody Mary’s weren’t bad, either. That 4 year old that was screaming and crying like an infant got on our nerves. So, they gave us another table. After that, everything was great!

    Couldn’t go to Matt’s in Lakewood for lunch on Friday, so we hit the buffet at Ali Baba. Super good and I don’t go for buffets in general, but that was all they offered at lunch. Excellent. I’d do it again. Hungrier would be a good idea.

    Ordered Picasso’s Pizza last night. Amazingly satisfying while watching the NFL opener. Why not? Delivery and football. Perfect combo.

  9. Agree w/ Kris. Plenty of nice things to say about good places to go. I think negative comments just make people suspect that you might be wrong.

  10. - Started the week at Ruth Ellen’s Simple Dining in Allen on Saturday night with Fried Catfish, smashed potatoes and homemade green beans (finishing up with pecan cobbler for dessert). Amazing and awesome…We chose the “all you can eat” special (since it was the same price as a large dinner but my husband was able to take advantage of it. The regular portion was so filling, I couln’t even finish it!

    - Had Picasso’s Pizza on Sunday night (Frankford & Tollway). Tried the “upside down” version but will go back to the butter crust next time. It was “okay” but not great…Love their toppings…

    - Went to Spoons Cafe for lunch on Tuesday. Amazing pumpkin soup and “grown-up” grilled cheese sandwich! One of life’s great comfort foods…

    - Finished the week up back at Ruth Ellen’s with the pan-fried steak…simply delicious!

  11. Went to Green Papaya on Oak Lawn Friday night and had their grilled lemongrass chicken (a huge plate with 2 breasts super flattened and amazing flavor with lots of steamed veggies and rice). I can’t stop thinking about it! Went around 9pm and the place was dead. I don’t get it in an area like Oak Lawn how few people dine late (after nine). Or are they conditioned because restaurants seem to close so early?