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Top Chef D.C. Episode 13 Recap: Holy Asian Explosion!

Only three chefs remain.

It felt like something was missing from last night’s episode. Oh yeah, Tiffany! Luckily, Gail was back to fill the void with her witty comments.  After getting the boot from D.C., the four remaining chefs fled to Singapore. According to Tom, Singapore is the “world’s most exciting food destination.” That seems like a bit of a stretch considering the national dish is boiled chicken served at room temperature. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, the chefs arrived at a market in which a food expert gave them a crash course on local cuisine. Shortly thereafter, Padma arrived to test their knowledge with the QFC. The chefs created their own version of Singapore street food using a wok. Naturally, Angelo thought he had this one in the bag, seeing as he specializes in Asian food. But Ed– who “woks it out” nightly – earned some street cred with his stir-fry noodles. He beat Angelo at his own game and secured himself a spot in the finals.

For the most crucial EC of the season, the chefs prepared a meal inspired by local cuisine for an event hosted by Food & Wine magazine. The catch? They had to work as a team to create a cohesive menu. Uh oh. Ed (who had immunity) convinced the others that they only needed to serve one dish apiece. But when Tom called them out for being lazy, Ed said he had planned on serving two dishes all along. What a douche canoe move, Ed! The remaining three chefs threw something together at the last minute and they somehow ended up with a cohesive menu.

Although the chefs had difficulty communicating with the wait staff, the event was a success. Tom said it was the best food they had all season. Gail exclaimed, “Holy Asian extravaganza!” after taking a bite.

Despite his immunity, Ed was in it to win it. His banana fritters seemed to be the most popular dish of the night. Tom said they were “perfect stoner food” – a high compliment according to him. Gail had one complaint: she wanted six but only got two. The judges said the difference between the winner and loser was slim, although I thought it was pretty clear that Ed was going to win. His only goal was to “kick Angelo’s a$$.” Mission accomplished.

What wasn’t clear was who was going home. Angelo, Kevin, and Kelly seemed to be on the same playing field – the judges only had minor complaints about their dishes. But they had to choose someone and that someone ended up being Kelly.

Next week: the finale! Will Ed, Angelo, or Kevin be named Top Chef?

5 comments on “Top Chef D.C. Episode 13 Recap: Holy Asian Explosion!

  1. Way to undermine a country’s national dish!!! I guess just because this country has grilled cheese (amongst other things) to boast about, we’re suddenly the epicenter of culinary delight, not to mention giving us a free pass in belittling other cultures with poor journalism. Bravo indeed!!!

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about what a girl Angelo is. That dude needs to start wearing a dress or quit crying, for goodness sake.