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The Nodding Donkey to Open in Uptown

An Uptown donkey.

Jonathan Calabrese and Tony Winkler, owners of State & Allen, are adding The Nodding Donkey to the Uptown scene. The Nodding Donkey will be a “Texas Sports Saloon” and will open in the old 2900 building. Listen:

The Nodding Donkey is going to have a huge indoor/outdoor bar with tons of
seating and 16 TVs – inside and out. We will have great Texas Style bar
food – and what everyone wants to hear — Valet Parking! We are scheduled
to be open in early October, and are planning a great Grand Opening Party
with huge surprises!!

I’m confused. Will they only show Texas sports? If not, what is a Texas sports bar? Do we really want to hear valet parking? What do y’all think?

12 comments on “The Nodding Donkey to Open in Uptown

  1. I loved 2900. But I remember parking on the street there one time where there were zero signs and maybe 15-20 other cars. We came out after dinner and had a ticket, along with every other car there. But yet, no signs anywhere.

    So yes, the parking completely sucks there. I still miss 2900, though.

  2. Dallas is probably the laziest city…can we please have a restaurant that has NO VALET? I will park my car and walk to the restaurant myself, thanks.

  3. I’m not against valet parking when a restaurant is located somewhere that is impossible to park in.

    I DON’T like valet parking when the place they put my car is next door to the entry. I don’t like to be able to reach out and TOUCH my car when I leave, yet I have to stand and wait for a sweaty, middle-aged man (whatever happened to cute, young, hunky valet dudes, anyways?) to search for my keys, walk 3 feet, get in my car, drive it 2 feet, open the door and then hold out his hand, as if he has just performed brain surgery or something.

  4. if you have a parking lot… NO VALET. if it’s crappy Uptown street parking and it’s always full outside, offer valet but keep it complimentary. A guest shouldn’t have to pay to visit your establishment. Drives me nutso! Other than that… Welcome, hope you have a successful establishment!

  5. The problem is not whether you are willing to park your car or lazy, it’s finding parking in downtown where you don’t get towed, ticketed, or vandalized. I’ll take complimentary valet any day over that!

    LOL at Sammy….totally agree. I HATE having to valet while there’s a whole open lot just sitting there 6 feet away. Annoying.