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24 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Kolaches in Dallas

  1. Agreed on Kolache Heaven. Also, Kolache Station in Plano (Parker & Independence). Still not in Dallas, but yummy!

  2. You can get authentic fresh fruit kolaches sent to you by mail order from They just won the Grand Champion title at WestFest last weekend! The shop is in Calvert, TX but they will ship anywhere in the US and they beat the pants off of all the bakeries in West. You will not be disappointed! I used to stop in on the way to A&M but now I can have them anytime I want. Super yummy frozen and then thawed in the microwave too. What can I say? I like to stock up!

  3. Tbird… hope you don’t mind, but for the benefit of those that don’t click on your link… I found this VERY interesting from your site:

    What is a “Kolache”?

    A kolache (the “e” is silent, when speaking of only one) is a Czechoslovakian wedding pastry, much like a “Danish” with a filling in the center. The traditional Czech fillings are usually apricot, poppy seed, peach, prune, cream cheese and cottage cheese. Kolaches are thought of as a breakfast food by most but Czechs know that kolaches are meant to be eaten anytime!

    What is a “Klobasnikie”?

    “Klobasnikie means “pig is a blanket.” The “pig in a blanket” is actually an American food. Yep, the first pig in a blanket was made with, of course, sausage wrapped in a pancake. Later, people started using biscuit dough, bread dough, crescent roll dough and doughnut dough. Then the Czechs, of course, used kolache dough,

    BUT that does not make it a kolache. It’s still a pig in a blanket. It’s just made with kolache dough. There is no such thing as a “meat” kolache. Authentic Czech kolaches are a sweet pastry. Now, you’ve been re-educated so now you can help to re-educate the general public.

    I never knew that. Thanks!!!

  4. The only place that’s half decent ’round here is Kolache Station in Plano. The best ones evah are at Czech Country Bakery in Hillsboro but that’s not real convenient.

  5. you can get “sausage rolls” at J’s donuts on Greenville and Mustang Donuts on Hillcrest.

  6. I would say Ennis but Betty’s Bakery closed and nothing there is any good anymore unless it’s Polka Fest and then the halls have homemade, authentic kolache’s available that are fabulous.

  7. Kolache Station is great. The donut shop at Hillcrest/Arapaho next to Starbucks, has the best “Donut Shop” style Kolaches

  8. I am of Czech heritage and this is one of the few food items, besides beer, that everyone enjoys. T-Bird does have the facts straight and the donut shops claiming they have kolaches don’t even have a kolache they have a pig in a blanket, not even a koblasnik. The difference is in the dough.

    Kolache Heaven in Denton has the best fruit (kolaches) that are close by and Geriks in West has the best meat filled (koblasnik), Zamykal in Calvert has the best overall meat filled (sweet bacon) and fruit (fresh seasonal bluebery)

    Here is a post I compiled for Chowhound on the options in West. It has links to DallasFood and also

  9. Thank you for saying that kolaches are not pigs in a blanket. I get so tired of having to explain that kolaches are fruit filled. My fave is the poppyseed. Valerie is correct Betty’s Bakery in Ennis was the best. Too bad she closed up shop years ago.

  10. My mother makes the best, sorry, no storefront though. I found it interesting when I went to Prague, they labeled the assorted pastries on the breakfast buffet “kolace”. I never saw the fruit filled pastry when I was there.

    You might try to call up the Czech caterer Bessie Petr and see if she sells hers –

    Bessie’s Wedding & Catering, Bessie’s Wedding & Catering Service
    2636 Swiss Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75204-5838 map
    Dallas, TX Metro Area


  11. Busy Bee’s Bakery off 1709 in Southlake has kolaches that aren’t bad. Kolache Station in Plano is better though.

  12. Ingram’s Donuts on Lemmon near uptown has some great Kolaches with Jalapeno Sausage. They aren’t one of these boutique Kolache shops, they are the simple kind you had when you were a kid and they are DELICIOUS. Good donuts there too.

  13. Kolache Heaven in Frisco, NOT Kolache Haven in Denton. They’re back behind Stonebriar, but unfortunately, their hours are mornings only.

  14. Bessie Petr ROCKS! SPJST Lodge 84 is having their 39th annual Czech Fest Sunday night and I bet you will find a kolache or two there. Bessie Petr usually caters. Doors open at 11:30; food at 12:30 and a free dance from 3-7 featuring the Ennis Polka Boys so wear your dancing shoes.

    BTW–best kolaches are at Hruska’s in Fayetteville, TX (between La Grange and Columbus). Bought 1/2 dozen over the weekend and ate the last one yesterday for breakfast. Time for a road trip!