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Former Samar Chef Vijay Sadhu Gives us a Sneak Peek at Sutra in Plano

Sutra, the new restaurant by former Samar chef Vijay Sadhu, isn’t scheduled to open in The Shops at Legacy until November at the earliest. However, I’ve procured a rendering of the interior design. Sutra will be next to Sambuca and feature modern Indian cuisine.

The restaurant, designed by Robert Romano, features an open kitchen where guests can view the Tandoori master preparing kabobs and Indian breads. Décor is modern with Indian accents. In contrast to most Indian restaurants around town, Sutra will feature an active bar scene with a line of house-developed cocktails such as Sutra Martini, Bollywood Margarita, and Rajasthan Lassi Samplers.  Indian wines (a booming industry) will also be available.

The menu is still taking shape but we can exclusively reveal menu specialties to be served the first time in Dallas. Jump for them!

Cochin Squids with Fresh ginger and costal spice

Goan Crab Cakes with cumin Avacado Salad and Spiced Tamarind Jam in Papadum shell

Kovalam Strip bass with cilantro coconut rice and lemon sauce

Rajastani Rabbit Tikka

Among the unconventional ingredients Sadhu will use are sandalwood, dehydrated fruits, dehydrated rose petals, and gold and silver leaves.

It should be an interesting taste! Stay tuned for details as they develop .

17 comments on “Former Samar Chef Vijay Sadhu Gives us a Sneak Peek at Sutra in Plano

  1. I’ve enjoyed Chef Sadhu’s food at both Claypit and Samar, and the menu sneak peak has me all the more excited. Rajastani Rabbit Tikka? Now, please!

    *Makes Stephen Colbert “gimme” motion*

    Great location, too.

  2. Unlike Samar, I certainly hope they’re going to take reservations. Especially since I live in the “uptown” area.

  3. I hope chef vijay makes mango shrimp salad at sutra? He is the who created that dish at samar, shame its not the same any more at samar!

  4. The Indian part of the menu at Samar went way downhill after Vijay left. Can’t wait to see him back in action!

  5. Demographically speaking, I doubt very much if Samar and Sutra will be competing for the same customer.

  6. last year every one where talking sooooo high about samar, so I did go several times when VJ was cooking, but now god no! because food is not the same, even there hummus sucks..Stephan sorry to say that you lost VJ!! Good luck chef VJ, we know you will do well at shops

  7. @chase: I’m a great fan of VJ and look forward to his new Sutra restaurant opening but I have to say, five of us had dinner at Samar a few weeks ago and it was, sensational!

  8. Twinwillow i am from middle east what chase said was right the hummus is really bad i did try 2 months back. Well i don’t no much about vijay but anyway iam not goinging back to samar

  9. Thank you for all your comments. I have tremendous respect for Stephan Pyles. Sutra is a concept that will be unique in Dallas and does not seek to rival Samar. I hope you will all enjoy my food.