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CuriousDish: Which Dallas Restaurant Would You Revive?

Let’s take a break from the restaurants still here and think about those that we miss. Imagine you had the power–a genie in a bottle of Chateau Latour Pomerol to grant you one wish. If you could rub her it and be granted the gift to bring one dead restaurant back to life, which one would you revive and why?  Riviera? Routh Street? Nero’s?

UPDATE: After roughly 24 hours, over 100 Dishers had asked their genies to revive their favorite restaurants!! Let’s dig through and see.  After 146 genie rubs, Lola gets the most requests, at 8.  Lots of love for Il Sorrento with 6 rubs and Cuidad at 5.  The Wine Press and Uncle Tai’s had 4 mentions.  Surprises for me included Routh Street and The Riviera only getting one comment each.  Lots of love spread out for Stephan Pyles’ concepts including Baby Routh (3), Star Canyon (3), and Aquaknox (2).

  • Charm Offensive

    Prince of Hamburgers on Lemmon

  • Hannah

    Matt’s No Place and Ciudad are great suggestions. I go with Star Canyon (with Stephen Pyles) – best chicken I’ve had in my life and the first upscale Dallas restaurant I visited.

  • Kris

    Strictly Taboo. Oh yeah!!

  • FortWorthGuy

    Nancy…is this a record for the number of replies?

  • Chef Jon

    Max, Jamie Samford is now the executive chef at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

  • eatouttomuch

    Dallas needs another Strictly Taboo!!!!!

  • Nancy Nichols

    Record number of replies is 235 for Casey Thompson. I think.

  • JG

    you have to have been around for awhile, but there was a great place on Bachman Lake in the mid to late 70’s called The Clam Digger – wonderful seafood and especially the shrimp.

    Let’s not forget the theme restaurant that always had a great night crowd – Randy Tarr on upper Greenville

  • Monica

    Don’t we have to admit that Sfuzzi proves that you can never really go home again?
    Of course, I’m holding out hope for dinner at the revived Green Room tonight…

  • DGirl


    Just kidding.

  • Brandon

    Kitchen 1924

  • Angeldogjo

    Beau Nash!!!! I miss it dearly. San Simeon (the old triangle of Sam’s Cafe, Sfuzzi and San Simeon), and a second nod to Blue’s Lake Front across from Bachman Lake.

  • CDD

    1. Holy Smokes BBQ
    2. Hola!

  • Bob Crowder

    Routh Street and Savino’s

  • Charles

    Baby Routh

  • Stacy

    Anzu!! Miss it!

  • Tim

    Watel’s – the original location way down on McKinney
    Going Gourment(bad name good food)- where Suze is
    Wow forgot about Savino on Henderson
    The original On the Border on Knox
    Knox Street Pub (bar)
    The original PoPolos
    Dalts on Lovers where Cafe Express is
    The mussels from Routh Street Brewery
    The Green Room- wine me dine me

  • ldascha

    Pierre’s on the Lake
    Vincent’s on Midway
    Cappuccino on Midway-LBJ, good food, drinks, music, and dancing.

    All were great “go to” spots for many “first dates”.

    And almost forgot, Prince of Hamburgers, on Lemmon, the perfect hamburger and root beer.

  • Eddie

    Liberty Noodles
    Il Sole
    FIrehouse on greenville ave
    Big D’s Dogs
    Lone Star Oyster bar on Greenville
    Hurricane Grill for Sunday Funday

  • Ross

    I loved the lunch buffet at Der Schnapps and Schnacks on Northwest Highway by Bachman Lake circa 1980-1983, also Mother Tucker’s on Composite near Walnut Hill and Harry Hines in the same period.